Third Avenue Studio

Established: 2012

Third Avenue Studio

From left: Pamela Ong, Director; and Edwin Pang, Director

What we are known for:
We specialise in quality residential and commercial projects that consider the client’s vision, budget and timeline from the beginning of the design process. We take a pragmatic approach to problem-solving to enhance the flow and functionality of the space, and the client’s experience within it. This process wins over repeat clients who continue to be part of our journey.

Best moments in our work:
Some of our best moments come from creating something different for each project that we do, and seizing the opportunities to solve design problems in creative ways.

Our plans for 2023:
We want to expand our team to take on more projects. We are also broadening our portfolio to include more commercial work.

A good designer should…
know how to collaborate with clients and bounce ideas off them to ensure that design proposals sensitively incorporate their views and needs.

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