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Third Avenue Studio

Established: 2012

Third Avenue Studio

From left: Yiping Tee, Interior Consultant Manager; Edwin Pang, Director; Pamela Ong, Director; and Lawrence Tan, Interior Consultant Manager

Design approach:
Our firm has always focused on the functionality and the user experience in a space. This approach remains constant over the years.

Favourite material to work with:
Each designer in our firm very much has his or her favourite material. However, many of us are big fans of seamless flooring. There’s something about a single pour that makes a project so exciting with the seamless look it creates.

Most creative work:
We are quite creatively successful in remodelling old walk-up apartments. We are able to solve many functional issues that typically arise in old walk-up units with interesting and unconventional layout solutions.

Trend forecast:
We will definitely be seeing more of these trends which picked up last year: terrazzo, arches and coral pink.

Definition of success:
Success for us is when each project is done at the best possible way in terms of quality, time frame and most importantly to the client’s satisfaction. / (65) 6737 3667 / (65) 6737 3669 / / 67 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239367

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