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Third Avenue Studio

Established: 2012

Profile image, from left: Edwin Pang, Principal Consultant; Pamela Ong, Principal Consultant; Lawrence Tan, Senior Interior Designer; Kylie Lin, Interior Consultant
Location: The Warehouse Hotel. "When we visited this hotel, we were wowed by the space. The design reflects the kind of work we like to do." - Edwin Pang

Design Philosophy:
Our designs revolve around the user’s experience of the space. It’s functionality first, followed by empathy towards the space as well as the user. If you have empathy, you will understand and design a space to better suit the people that you’re designing for.

Every and any little corner can inspire us. We notice the little things – the small details. Inspiration also comes from the need to design something new. We always try to experiment and do something different, and so we’re always on the lookout for new things.

Greatest enjoyment as a designer:
Coming up with a great design concept, and making the space
usable for the client.

“We love using real, solid materials in our projects. If it looks like timber, then it’s real timber.” – Edwin Pang, Principal Consultant

enquiry@thirdavenuestudio.com.sg / (65) 6737 3667 / (65) 6737 3669 /
thirdavenuestudio.com.sg / 67 Kim Yam Road Singapore 239367

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