Third Avenue Studio

Established: 2012

Third Avenue Studio

From left: Pamela Ong, Director and Edwin Pang, Director

Who we are:
Third Avenue Studio takes a pragmatic design approach to problem-solving and in its meticulous planning of challenging layouts. In doing so, we can enhance the homeowners’ experience and the flow and functionality of the space. This process has brought us returning clients who continue to be part of our journey.

Why we love our job:
While the job can be demanding and running a project is not without its challenges, we love how we get to create something different for each piece of work that we do, and the opportunity we get to solve problems in creative ways.

Best design advice:
As property prices increase, we see clients trying to use every inch of the space they have. Our advice is not to over think or over plan. Leave room for flexibility and change. Use movable furniture and decorations rather than permanent fixtures to enhance the space.

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