Third Avenue Studio

Established: 2012

Third Avenue Studio

From left: Directors Pamela Ong and Edwin Pang. Location: Space Furniture

Who we are:
We are known for our unique design vision and are sought after for our creative spatial planning. Our expertise lies in crafting functional spaces that emphasise the lifestyle and individuality of our clients.

Our creative process:
We cultivate a creative environment by engaging in collaborative brainstorming and exploring a wide range of design possibilities.

The people that inspire us:
Our clients. Each project is unique and by bouncing ideas with our clients, an exceptional idea emerges.

What we like to tell our clients:
Renovations often bring unexpected challenges and can be stressful at times. Try to enjoy the journey and focus on the exciting transformation. Be flexible and patient and trust the process.

“Our designs distinctively reflect our client’s lifestyle and personality, and our spatial planning skills empower us to create a wide repertoire of designs.” — Edwin Pang, Director

Third Avenue Studio logo / (65) 6737 3667 / (65) 6737 3669 / / 67 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239367

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