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Third Avenue Studio

Established: 2012

Third Avenue Studio

Profile image: From left - Pamela Ong, Principal Consultant; Edwin Pang, Principal Consultant
Location: Millenia Walk. Third Avenue Studio believes that every design starts with a structure. A strong foundation allows the team to explore design details so as to further enhance the look.

Design philosophy:
It’s important to understand the homeowners’ characteristics and lifestyle habits in order to fine tune the interior and reflect who the homeowners are. We can start off with a theme or style, but at the end of the day, the final result is something that reflects the owner’s personality and doesn’t necessarily have to abide a particular style.

We get inspiration from the different places we go to. But the biggest source of inspiration comes from meeting our clients and seeing how excited they are to share their visions of their dream homes.

Passion for design:
We love transforming old homes into something that radiate warmth and cosiness. The transformation into what a home should feel like will make you look forward to come back to and relax in.

“Good design is a combination of functionality, aesthetics and sensorial experiences; nothing less.”
– Pamela Ong, Principal Consultant

info@thirdave.sg / (65) 6737 3667 / (65) 6737 3669 /
www.thirdave.sg / 67 Kim Yam Road, Singapore 239367

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