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The tech behind BeoLab 50, a powerful speaker for today’s modern spaces

Following in the footsteps of BeoLab 90, one of Bang & Olufsen’s most celebrated and state-of-the-art speakers, comes BeoLab 50, a more compact offering with great acoustic creds.

Lighting up in shades of grey

The Cirque pendant lamp from Louis Poulsen gets a modern update with an on-trend grey palette.

Shop at the new P5 Studio

The newly launched P5 Studio features globally recognised Asian design brand Stella Works, along with several other progressive international furniture labels.

These stunning quartz surfaces will raise the luxe factor of your home

One of Australia’s most trusted supplier of quartz surfaces, Smartstone, is finally available in Singapore.

This smart-tinting glass might make blinds and shades a thing of the past

Imagine having windows that tint automatically (and quickly!) based on the weather or the time of day – Halio smart-tinting glass is making this possible.

Meet Delaktig, for a life in constant flux

Following much buzz, the Delaktig open source “platform for living” by Tom Dixon for Ikea will finally be launching in stores in April.

Colour inspiration! 3 ways to add mauve-meets-blush to your home

Create a welcoming, cocooning home with the AkzoNobel Colour of the Year 2018 – Heart Wood. This soft, gentle shade is a particularly great complement to a natural or woody material palette.

Transform your kitchen sink into the centrepiece of your kitchen

The new hansgrohe sink combinations merge design and function in a single unit that’s convenient for everyone in the family to use.

Colour inspiration! 3 products in teal to brighten your home

From Nippon Paint’s Trend Beyond Colours 2018 range, this invigorating teal hue communicates a sense of adventure and exploration. Layer it on with other intriguing shades from the same blue-green colour family, such as turquoise and marine blue, for a dynamic ombre theme.

4 smart tips to help you design a fun and functional kid’s room

Transform a plain bedroom into a functional wonderland that will grow up with your child.