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Beat the heat: Design led solutions that are eco-friendly

Regardless of your style and budget, here’s how you can keep your home cool without the use of air conditioner.

Louis Poulsen premieres a new architectural light for a new kind of interior

Lighting has always played a pivotal role in creating functional, comfortable and beautiful interiors, but incorporating high-quality lighting at places of work, educational facilities and institutions has never been more critical. As the traditional role of the indoors undergoes a dynamic transformation, architects, interior designers and lighting experts are recognising the augmented role of light in designing spaces for the new reality.

Louis Poulsen finds a lost icon

When Poul Henningsen presented the prototype of PH Septima in 1928, the sound of applause reverberated through the Danish Museum of Decorative Art where the unveiling took place. This year, in celebration of Henningsen’s heritage, Louis Poulsen is reintroducing a modern version of the original design. And the second round of applause is imminent.

Amazing sofas from Belgium that won’t break the bank

Available at P5 Studio, Olta brings affordable luxury to the home with amazing sofas that are handmade in Europe but without the high price point.

How to build your own cinema at home

There’s now a simpler way to build a home cinema and it doesn’t have to cost you a bomb. Here’s how.

Louis Poulsen brings golden hour indoors with a limited edition PH 2/1 table lamp

Originally designed by Poul Henningsen, Louis Poulsen’s limited-edition amber glass PH 2/1 table lamp offers a warm candlelight glow. The special PH 2/1 table lamp is not only a beautifully-crafted and enchanting design statement, it also brings a much-needed reprise from the harsh lights of the outside world.

The new Verde Light experiential showroom is the place to go

Verde Light has a brand new retail destination where you can experience sustainable lighting products and other amazing designs in ways like never before.

Fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam launches a furniture collection

The handcrafted rattan pieces carry the same richness and unique interpretations of Asian design that are synonymous with her work in fashion.

5 benefits of having a television in a home office

While some might argue that it’s a distraction, we beg to differ as having a TV in your workspace could potentially make you more productive especially in this digital age. Find out how.

5 reasons to consider a luxurious aluminium kitchen

Housing the best spectrum of materials and elements, Alustil’s C-Class kitchen series is truly a state of the art kitchen suitable for all types of home interior.