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Nondescript Taiwan apartment now has acoustically designed ceilings

Completely reconfigured by Very Studio|Che Wang Architects, Sunny Apartment boasts free-flowing spaces and is characterised by its dome-shaped ceilings that create impressive sound fields.

How a family of three lives stylishly in a 482sqft shoebox apartment

See how Sim-Plex Design Studio catered to this young family’s needs and wants with a perfect compromise of a home.

Derelict Victorian mansion is now a contemporary beauty

Rescued from decay, this Victorian mansion in Melbourne, Australia blends its past with an elegant, new contemporary character.

Small can be beautiful in this 528sqft Hong Kong home

There are many ways to tackle the constraints of small square footage. Studio Adjective’s clever space planning and use of materials for an apartment in Hong Kong makes an exemplary case study.

Lookbox Living top 10 most read stories of 2018

Here are the Lookbox Living Top 10 most read stories. Which is your favourite read?

An environmentally, culturally and socially sustainable home in Vietnam

Sustainability is more than just an environmental issue and this house in Vietnam shows how a home can be sustainable in more ways than one.

Wood accents lend a Scandinavian appeal to this house

Clever space configuration and textural interest bring about an engaging aesthetic for this expansive family dwelling designed by M Atelier.

A contemporary Taiwanese house lives amidst the rice fields

Situated among rice fields and home to nature-loving residents, the tranquil location and the down-to-earth nature of agriculture is the inspiration for the design of this Taiwanese house.

Semi-detached house with stunning indoor-outdoor spaces

Malaysian architect Fabian Tan creates a fascinating family of spaces where inside and outside are brought together.

This condo penthouse is the very definition of contemporary chic

Open spaces and an exquisite pairing of materials by Third Avenue Studio create an inviting and bespoke home for this three-generation household.