Lookbox Living Issue #56
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Family living calls for a total overhaul in this resale flat

Following plenty of restructuring to the layout, Artistroom conceptualised a home that embraces sleek furnishings and a variety of textures for a family of three.

An overhaul with masculine features for a condominium

This resale condominium showcases bold strokes that enhance its sense of space and landscaped vistas beyond.

6 private sanctuary spaces that are sanity saving

Designed by some of Singapore’s top interior designers, these stylish homes inspire rest and rejuvenation.

Old tenement apartment turned beautiful co-living space

Sim-Plex Design Studio creates a new prototype of a better co-living space in Hong Kong for three youths.

Old home conversion: 4 contemporary homes you wouldn’t believe were built as early as 1930s

These amazing old home conversions will make you want to move into a charming old property made new again.

This adaptable home with multifunctional spaces reshapes itself for a growing family

Customised furniture and clever design ideas create discreet yet beautiful multifunctional spaces in this Taipei home.

6 stunning HDB flats that don’t look HDB

These outstanding HDB flats designed by some of Singapore’s top interior designers will have you question your current living space.

Dark, earthy colour palette done right in this terrace house

Ultimate Interior Creation explores dark hues and a variety of materials in this landed property.

Small space living ideas: 8 homes with ingenious design solutions

From hidden storage to transformable furniture, here are eight homes that showcase amazing small space living ideas.

A family home that features custom touches for everyone

Ultimate Interior Creation demonstrates that it’s possible to design a space to be individual and together for a family of five.