Country home in the city

Design of Schatz brings a modern country-style retreat to life in this HDB flat, with classic farmhouse designs and an open layout.

In celebration of colour

Plush Interior Design gives this HDB BTO unit in Punggol a cheerful and lively character with a play on colour and texture.

An inviting space

Designed by D’ Initial Concept, this flat features custom-made furniture and handmade details that elevate day-to-day living situations.

Shophouse residence and private art gallery

Home to an artist and her family, this conserved shophouse along Kim Yam Road serves dual purpose as a residence and art gallery.

For love of monochrome

This monochrome apartment embraces black, white and everything in between, and comes with great functional features despite its petite size.

Semi-detached home with a view

This two-storey semi-detached house by Asialand ID capitalises on the surrounding views while balancing shade, privacy and openness.

Space for one and all

Home to a couple with two kids, four parrots and a dog, this terrace house had to be bright and open – a goal achieved through space planning.

Watch: Marvellous HDB living

The family living in this HDB flat enjoys fully connected rooms and a walkway that allows them to admire the views out the window.

Modern rustic living in a five-room flat

Life revolves around the kitchen in this modern rustic five-room flat where the common areas have been made into one seamless zone.

A flat with good flow

Artistroom has redesigned this four-room flat in a way that makes good sense for the owner and her two dogs.