Lookbox Living Issue #59
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A contemporary family home with art and collectibles

Linear Space Concepts turns a dated looking and spatially inefficient residence into a contemporary family home for five.

Resale flat transforms into a bright and spacious home

What was once a dreary five-room HDB flat is now a modern, open-concept home, thanks to the designers from Dots N Tots Interior.

This home embraces angular walls like a champ

D5 Studio Image works with the unique interior architecture of this HDB flat instead of against it to create a dynamic living space for its inhabitants.

Peranakan meets industrial in this small bachelorette apartment

Who says small can’t be beautiful? AMP Design Co. proves that style and function can be had even in a 700sqft apartment.

Shophouse with beautiful and light-filled spaces

Joey Khu ID transforms a dark and uninspiring shophouse into a stunning space with optimal air ventilation and copious amounts of natural sunlight.

Inside the home of fashion photographer Sazeli Jalal

Award-winning photographer and self-proclaimed designer furniture addict, Sazeli Jalal, combines his love for art, design and colour in this eclectic home that oozes modern glamour.

This HDB flat is practical yet stylish for family living

In this 4-room HDB flat, the designers from Metier Planner came up with a concept that works for the family of three.

A comfortable maisonette for three generations of a family

See how I.D.I.D has created a practical and comfortable maisonette with industrial design influences for three generations of a family living under one roof.

Multi-generational living in a modern luxurious penthouse

Designed for work, play and family life, this penthouse unit by Fineline Design effortlessly combines luxury with practical functionality.

An outer space and botanical themed HDB flat

The home of OuterEdit co-founders is a manifestation of a harmonious fusion of individual ways, ideas and concepts.