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A Zen-like home designed for tea appreciation

Home to an avid tea connoisseur and collector, this flat serves as an intimate sanctuary for any tea lovers to relax in, and a catalyst to meaningful conversations.

Contemporary style living for a school teacher

Once an old and dingy flat, it has been completely overhauled by Vivre Creative Design into a clean and contemporary home for a school teacher.

Resort-style living made possible in an apartment

Modelled after a modern resort, this condominium apartment conceived by Metaphor Studio is akin to a luxury staycation at home.

A flexible HDB flat that exhibits a theatrical quality

Metaphor Studio manipulated the layout of this Pinnacle@Duxton resale flat as a stage for a couple to live out their best lives for many years to come.

This bachelorette pad ticks all the right boxes

Once a cookie-cutter apartment, it has been completely reimagined as a stylish home with the help of SPIRE.

5 creative and unique renovation ideas to inspire you

Your home is a representation of your taste and personality; and DSOD Interior has brilliantly put a unique touch in each of these homes.

Hidden storage makes the difference in this four-room flat

Designed by Hock Hoon, smart spatial zoning and custom carpentry work in tandem to create a home that’s bright, simple and comfortable for a couple with a newborn.

Nostalgia and contemporary living converge in this three-room flat

This resale flat has been designed by Happe Design Atelier as a warm and inviting dwelling that alludes to the history of its neighbourhood.

Home as urban oasis in Vietnam

This rooftop garden in Ho Chi Minh City doubles as an inner-city oasis in which its occupants can truly kick back and relax.

A handsome flat in dark, beautiful shades

Dark is beautiful in this HDB flat conceived by Archive Design where woody surfaces and warm shades lend character and intimacy.