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Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

Ethereall designed a fun, safe and practical home for a couple to raise their toddler in.

A high-rise garden home that’s one of a kind

Following a most daring spatial transformation, this resale flat now features a ‘green corridor’ and calm, light-filled spaces that a couple and their pet rabbits can enjoy to the fullest.

Transformer walk-up apartment you’ve got to see to believe

Now you see it, now you don’t! This walk-up apartment comes with a room that only ‘appears’ when needed.

A Bidadari HDB flat gets whipped into shape for a young couple

Warm and inviting, yet sleek and orderly, this BTO flat is a picture of comfort and serenity for the couple who resides here.

This playful home embraces the ‘rustic industrial’ style of interior design

With the help of the design team from Dots N Tots Interior, this HDB flat is now a playful home that’s packed with storage and display cases.

6 home bar design ideas that are out of this world

It’s happy hour anytime in these six Singapore homes that give commercial bars a run for their money.

A standout modern-retro flat in uplifting colours

Third Avenue Studio gives one young couple a welcoming home brimming with personality.

This hotel-inspired BTO flat spells industrial chic

AP Concept used wire mesh, wood panels and black accents to create an industrial themed home that takes its inspiration from stylish boutique hotels.

Flexible solutions and an open layout make this BTO flat unique

This BTO flat is primed for working, relaxing, and entertaining thanks to its open-plan layout, clever space planning and thoughtful details devised by Aart Boxx Interior.

This pared-back, minimalist apartment borrows from the tranquility of Japanese design

By taking inspiration from Japanese design elements, AMP Design Co. gave this pared-back apartment a minimalist aesthetic.