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Upscale twin houses in India connect via a central courtyard

This posh, contemporary residential estate by Studio Lotus is a master stroke in architectural ingenuity and exquisite, yet homely interior design.

What Scandinavian minimalism interior looks like

This resale condominium unit designed by AP Concept nails Nordic style with a reductionist approach.

A family condenses life in a penthouse into a maisonette effortlessly

Eschewing the overdone design of wood-clad interiors, Fineline Design looked to leather, stone and concrete-like finishes and greyish hues to give this maisonette a cosy yet modern look.

A neutral-toned terrace house that’s made for relaxation

This modern contemporary family home by Black N White Haus is a cocoon of calm, with a light colour palette and practical yet stylish features to minimise clutter.

Warm wood accents abound in a condo with an industrial style loft

A young couple resides in a condo with a loft where relevant, purposeful spaces allow them to relax, play, sleep or be entertained.

Maximising space in a small flat with a wardrobe outside the bedroom

Metier Planner employs unconventional design manoeuvres to boost the impression of space and livability in this 721sqft flat.

Art takes centre stage in this chinoiserie-style condo

A curated collection of art pieces is showcased in good light in this condo brimming with traditional design inspiration.

Wood, marble and muted colours give this home a luxe factor

Free Space Intent designs an apartment in the Trilight by balancing order and chaos; where shades of muted tones meet dramatic patterns in a curated manner.

Marble and mirror accents inject modern opulence into this condo

Appealing textures and trimmings by AP Concept conjure an elegant escape for the homeowners to luxuriate in.

5 most viewed homes of 2019

From Peranakan to industrial, and Japanese to Moroccan style, these amazing homes are your favourite picks of 2019.