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HDB Flat

Hidden storage makes the difference in this four-room flat

Designed by Hock Hoon, smart spatial zoning and custom carpentry work in tandem to create a home that’s bright, simple and comfortable for a couple with a newborn.

Nostalgia and contemporary living converge in this three-room flat

This resale flat has been designed by Happe Design Atelier as a warm and inviting dwelling that alludes to the history of its neighbourhood.

A handsome flat in dark, beautiful shades

Dark is beautiful in this HDB flat conceived by Archive Design where woody surfaces and warm shades lend character and intimacy.

Muji-inspired BTO flat for a simple, minimalist way of living

Obbio Concept designs a tranquil and spacious home centred on simplicity and Japanese design sensibilities.

Effortless modern-day living in this well-crafted resale flat

Craftsmen Studio crafts an incisively simple yet versatile home with details meticulously designed to add depth, finesse and character.

An improved layout gives resale flat an enclosed balcony and more space

Aart Boxx Interior turned a restrictive HDB typology into a voluminous flat that capitalises on the luxury of space without compromising on aesthetics.

Creative and thoughtful design details make this flat unique

Ethereall designed a fun, safe and practical home for a couple to raise their toddler in.

A high-rise garden home that’s one of a kind

Following a most daring spatial transformation, this resale flat now features a ‘green corridor’ and calm, light-filled spaces that a couple and their pet rabbits can enjoy to the fullest.

A Bidadari HDB flat gets whipped into shape for a young couple

Warm and inviting, yet sleek and orderly, this BTO flat is a picture of comfort and serenity for the couple who resides here.

This playful home embraces the ‘rustic industrial’ style of interior design

With the help of the design team from Dots N Tots Interior, this HDB flat is now a playful home that’s packed with storage and display cases.