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A beautiful penthouse converted for openness and privacy

Through a series of clever design interventions, this penthouse designed by Metaphor Studio is now an elegant and comfortable dwelling that a family of five can call their own.

Condo apartment now a holiday home

This home away from home is designed by Parenthesis as a sanctuary from Singapore’s cosmopolitan bustle.

A lofty home for a cat-loving family and their felines

In a series of clever design moves, Yvonne Chiang of SPIRE turns this apartment into a fresh concept in ‘high-rise living’ for a couple, their daughter and seven cats.

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence’s home

A peek inside one of the world’s highly paid actresses’ glamorous New York City penthouse.

Space-saving features maximise usable space in this apartment

Custom furniture, discreet storage and the use of wall volume significantly enhance this apartment’s true space potential.

A contemporary family home influenced by feng shui

Conceived by Vivre Creative Design, the interiors are guided by the principles of feng shui, and the homeowners’ desire for closed and open storage to display their prized possessions.

Modern luxury living in a five-bedroom penthouse

With a meditation platform, a water feature and smart storage, this penthouse designed by Metaphor Studio is a soothing modern interpretation of luxury living.

Mirrored walls and repurposed rooms expand a narrow layout visually

Aart Boxx Interior tackled a tight, rectilinear layout of a bachelor pad by repurposing rooms, as well as employing lots of mirrors and streamlined furnishings.

Stylish penthouse living centred on fun weekends and family

A couple with kids have sought the help of Hall to design a home that encourages bonding.

Contemporary style loft-duplex apartment for refined living

Metaphor Studio brings a beautifully restrained approach to its design of this spacious two-storey apartment.