A slice of Japanese minimalism in a resale condo

Darwin Interior’s calming approach to the style and design of this young couple’s home yields a dreamy escape from everyday life.

Refined Japanese luxury in a small 645-square-foot apartment

Interior designer Andrea Savage of ALBD works her design magic on a petite apartment, giving it a sense of sophistication and crafted sensibility.

A shoebox apartment inspired by Lego

This 377-square-foot Hong Kong apartment has acquired a simple Scandinavian look, with Lego as its design inspiration. Let’s see how Sim-Plex Design Studio made it work.

Feng shui and feel-good curves shape this resale condo

Done at a renovation cost of $150,000 and designed by Happe Design Atelier, this dreamy home in Tiong Bahru comes with curated colours and contours that ebb and flow harmoniously between rooms.

A statement kitchen counter is the centrepiece of this apartment

A billowy kitchen counter is the heart of this home designed by Stephanie Er.

Finding Japanese minimalism at the Zen Apartment

The principles of Japanese minimalism converge with contemporary urban living at the Zen Apartment, where the landscaping is ever-present.

An art curator’s home, inspired by Southeast Asian artistry

Designed by Atelier Here, this apartment intertwines vernacular design sensibilities with modern functionality while seamlessly integrating indoor-outdoor living.

Jadescape condo with a grand entrance

In this four-bedroom Jadescape condo, Subtlesato Studio has embraced the challenge of creating a beautiful entrance out of a private lift lobby.

A studio apartment hideaway with a library

The brief for Magy Apartment in Shanghai followed Karel Teige’s proposal that ‘a minimum dwelling could only exist with its connection with public facilities’ from his book Minimum Dwelling, 1932.

An all-wood-tone apartment for open-plan living

How does one create a visually stimulating apartment using only different shades of wood? Dare Solution undertook the design challenge in this 900-square-foot condo in Penang, Malaysia.