Condo life by the pool

This bright and airy condo transitions smoothly out to the pool, creating the perfect blurring of indoor and outdoor.

An elegant apartment oasis in Joo Chiat

Exploring space and dimension, Parenthesis Studio has designed a home that is bespoke on every level.

When Wabi-Sabi meets Hygge

Positing a Nordic interpretation of Japanese sensibilities, this large and luxurious apartment is perfectly located in the heart of Tokyo.

Softening spaces in a condo apartment

In response to this home’s many beams, d’Phenomenal has crafted elegant solutions that bring curves to the edges.

A dark and handsome apartment for one

Clever spatial planning, dark wood elements, and a keen attention to detail give this condo apartment its new, sexy good looks.

Rejuvenating an old walk-up apartment

A Tiong Bahru walk-up apartment is transformed into a spacious, timeless abode that has the perfect balance of old and new

A handsome, modern dwelling with raw touches

The concept of beauty in imperfection is retold with raw and aged touches within a modern apartment.

Plush design meets minimalist living in this condo

AP Concept connects the two different styles in this condominium for a couple that desires the best of both worlds.

Watch: Curved apartment with green views in District 9

I.D.I.D takes advantage of this District 9 apartment’s curved shape and green views to create a bright and spacious family home.

A charming 1980s apartment with vintage vibes

An old apartment from the ’80s is transformed into a family-centric home that fosters connection and radiates warmth.