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The benefits of custom carpentry for the home

Is custom carpentry worth the cost and waiting time? These six advantages bring a clearer picture.

How to read your floor plan

The first step to a well-organised and efficient spatial configuration is to understand the floor plan of your home. Here are useful tips to get you started!

Cafe meets retreat space

In this cafe, the team from Image Creative Design have created an inviting space where varied influences converge and work together harmoniously.

Natural materials for the home, and great fuss-free alternatives

Marble, wood and concrete each have their distinctive allure. We suss out these beautiful materials and present fuss-free alternatives to achieving the same look and style at home.

Smart ways to reconfigure your home

See how Provolk completely changes the floor plan of a small HDB flat to fit the lifestyle of the homeowner.

How to plan an efficient kitchen in 4 steps

Use these 4 smart tips to design the kitchen of your dreams.

The value of good space planning

It’s no secret; space planning is considered the foundation of good interiors. D’ Initial Concept walks us through this crucial exercise.

5 fun ways to display art at home

With these fun and cool display ideas, you can transform any dull space with the vibrancy of art.

Clever ways to maximise your space

See how The Design Abode reconfigures an old apartment’s floor plan to improve the quality of life for its residents and create a more efficient use of space.

Everything you need to know about smoke detectors

It’s essential to invest in the safety of your family.