Ideas & Tips

Is having an office in the bedroom a good idea?

The need for a home office has seen the emergence of the bedroom-office. Is this a good idea and how can we make it work? Here are some tips.

4 unusual homes that don’t look like residences

There are apartments and flats made to look intentionally like non-residential spaces and here are four cool ones. How would you like to live in one of them?

5 creative ways to colour your home

More and more, people are embracing colour in their home. Beyond the standard paint job, there are many other creative and impactful ways to add different shades to your home. Here are five examples we love.

5 cool ideas to help you achieve your kitchen goals in 2024

At Lookbox Living we cover plenty of beautiful kitchens and as we begin the new year, we pick five ideas that can be game-changing for your next reno.

Strategies for designing a restful bedroom interior

Let the start of the new year be the beginning of your wellness journey to better sleep. Here’s how you can create a bedroom interior that’s made for rest.

9 smart ways to achieve a child-friendly home that’s high on style

It’s not an impossible dream. Here’s how you can create a child-friendly home that’s safe, comfortable and stylish for all to enjoy.

New year, new look: Budget-friendly ways to give your home a fresh start

The New Year is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home. Here’s our pick of all the easy and budget-friendly ways to set a positive tone for the year ahead.

The allure of Boho Design and how to create the look at home

Rooted in a rich history and drawing inspiration from a myriad of cultures, boho design exudes a laid-back, eclectic charm that encourages creativity and self-expression. Find out how to incorporate it into your home.

How to design an awesome family-friendly flat

With some strategic planning and out-of-the-box thinking, flats can make awesome family homes despite their compact size. Here are some fine examples.

Deep dive into the world of retro design

From the vibrant colour palettes to iconic furniture designs and playful patterns, retro design offers a versatile and eclectic approach to decorating your home.