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9 steps to achieving a kid-friendly home that’s not shy on style

It’s not an impossible dream. Here’s how you can create a kid-friendly home that’s safe, comfortable and stylish for all to enjoy.

10 easy ways to live a more sustainable life at home

Here are simple ways to help you be more sustainable and save money in the long run.

What will our homes of tomorrow be like? Three experts weigh in

Industry experts share their insights on the homes of tomorrow, having to adapt design, architecture and interiors to keep up with the rapidly changing environment affected by the pandemic.

7 stunning walk-up apartments in Singapore to steal ideas from

See how these old walk-up apartments in Singapore have been superbly transformed into unique and unforgettable living spaces.

The real deal: A couple share their personal journey to live more sustainably

What does it take to live more sustainably at home? Homeowners Lingyi and Marvin tell us all about their personal journey and share easy tips we can try.

7 awesome indoor gardens you’ll want to make your own

The dream of living close to nature is possible even if you live in a flat or apartment. Just see how these homes have embraced the outdoors.

10 ways to fully maximise space in your home

With homes getting smaller, think out of the box to fully utilise every square inch in your home, so you won’t ever feel claustrophobic anymore.

How to build your own cinema at home

There’s now a simpler way to build a home cinema and it doesn’t have to cost you a bomb. Here’s how.

5 creative and unique renovation ideas to inspire you

Your home is a representation of your taste and personality; and DSOD Interior has brilliantly put a unique touch in each of these homes.

Hot interior design trends around the world according to experts

Looking for inspiration for your next home renovation of makeover? Here are 12 interior design trends worth checking out.