Is having an office in the bedroom a good idea?

The need for a home office has seen the emergence of the bedroom-office. Is this a good idea and how can we make it work? Here are some tips.

  • Is having an office in the bedroom a good idea?

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Text by Janice Seow

Remote and flexi work have given rise to different office configurations at home. And given our small apartment sizes in Singapore, the bedroom has not surprising become one common place to set this up. Whether this is a good idea depends on the individual, but, as an editor who has had to carve out an office setup in her bedroom, here are some pointers when it comes to successfully designing a room for both work and rest.

Create a layout that keeps work and rest separate

If possible, it’s always good to create a divider between the home office and bed area. In small apartments and flats, this is more likely a workable option if you have reconfigured your space and merged two bedrooms into one to accommodate other functions like a more spacious walk-in wardrobe.

That said, if your bedroom is large enough, even a flexible/foldable privacy screen could do the trick.

Project by Dare Solution

Choose a colour scheme that is cohesive and calming

Try to match your office furniture, decor and colour scheme to fit the room’s overall interior style and colour palette. This ensures that the space remains harmonious across the two separate functions.

Neutral shades like light blues and greens or even cool purple tones can also help boost productivity without being too stimulating when it’s time to settle in for the night.

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Project by MONOCOT

Invest in a desk with storage and an ergonomic chair

Look for a desk that fits your space and all the work tasks you’ll need to do, so it doesn’t spill over to your bed. Choose a desk with built-in storage to minimise clutter, or design integrated storage around your desk.

To avoid backaches and to enhance productivity, it’s also vital to invest in an ergonomic chair, especially if you’re going to be working for hours from home.

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Project by Notion of W. This room in a landed home has ample space for a desk. It’s beautifully integrated into the bedroom design and blends in harmoniously

Minimalism is key, avoid clutter

A messy workspace can be overwhelming and can have an impact on productivity. An organised desk leads to a clarity of mind, after all. Not to mention, seeing a cluttered and busy desk from your bed can be visually daunting and is anything but peaceful when it’s time to relax and unwind.

Go with a minimalistic approach when decorating your workspace to maintain a soothing aura in your bedroom.

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Project by Arkhilite

Allow plenty of natural light into the room during the day

It’s tempting to want to create a bedroom with cosy vibes, but natural light can actually improve your concentration and productivity at work. So place your desk near the windows if you can. And if your room is dark and/or windowless, consider LED lights that are specifically designed to mimic natural daylight.

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