5 creative ways to colour your home

More and more, people are embracing colour in their home. Beyond the standard paint job, there are many other creative and impactful ways to add different shades to your home. Here are five examples we love.

  • 5 creative ways to colour your home

Text by Janice Seow

#1 Put it on handles

Handles are an underrated but interesting way to add colour and playfulness to your space. In this flat, the blue cabinets are well-coordinated with striking yellow handles and the power combo really makes a statement that reflects the homeowners’ bright personalities.

Project by Knock Knock Studio. See the full story here

#2 Tile on colour

colour in the home

In the same project, the designer has used different tiles to subtly delineate the different spaces. It’s an eclectic combo with terracotta and mosaic meeting terrazzo flooring. The look works given that they all share a common retro theme.

Project by Knock Knock Studio. See the full story here

#3 Do it with rugs

colour in the home

Besides coloured tiles that are a long-time commitment, you can opt for coloured rugs that you can flexibly place around the house in a playful manner, or just strategically in certain zones to emphasise a space. Organically-shaped and asymmetric ones are gaining popularity and are great alternatives if you’re looking for something different.

Project by SPARK. Read the full story here

#4 Use lights

colour light

Lighting is intangible element that can often be forgotten when thinking of colours for the home. The good thing is luminaires these days offer many colour options that you can change at whim, and conveniently too, with special apps. You’ll be surprised how different coloured lights can influence the way you feel, so play it up and choose different shades to create different moods and ambiences.

Project by Cream Pie Studio. See the full story here

#5 One colour

Pick one primary colour and use it in different ways. Here for example, the designer has coloured half a wall to frame the space, and paired it with a pattern tiled walkway also in blue to lead one into the kitchen.

Project by Ethereall. Read the full story here

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