Adding a splash of colour: The five best combinations for your bedroom walls

Colour is a huge part of bedroom design. It can inspire emotions, express personality, and even help with sleep.

Adding a splash of colour: The five best combinations for your bedroom walls

“Two colour combination” is something of an odd phrase, but it simply means two different colours or shades used in tandem within one space. There is no general rule for choosing a colour combination, because the overall effect is subject to individual preferences.

For example; some people prefer colours which tone together naturally – such as blue and green, or orange and yellow – while others favour a combination which contrasts two opposing colours, such as blue and orange or red and green. However, neutral colours like white, black and grey are by far the most commonly used in combination schemes. This is because they blend with practically any colour and do not create a clash.

In Singapore, having two bedroom wall colours is a popular trend well on the rise. This is because it adds a sense of personality to the bedroom, which is one of the most personal spaces in a home. Choosing certain colours will also promote different effects, so you can select a colour that will have the most useful impact on your life (such as blue to evoke calm, yellow for happiness, green for creativity, and red for confidence). This is why choosing a beneficial and individual two colour combination for bedroom walls is so important.

There are as many bedroom wall colour combinations in Singapore as there are colours. Because art is an inherently subjective practice, the colour combination that individuals find the most appealing will also often be one that you would never choose for yourself. As such, finding inspiration can be somewhat difficult.

Common trends for 2022 include toning vivid colours such as green, blue or red with neutral whites, creams, browns and greys. However, a more unique bedroom will use two different bright colours to form a creative space. To help inspire your own bedroom wall colours, see the list below for possible combinations.

Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls

1. Purple and pink

purple and pink bedroom combination decor ideas

Initially, when people hear ‘pink and purple’ used in the same design, their first thought is that it is a bedroom wall colour combination for kids. However, there are certain shades of pink and purple that, when paired together, create a soothing and mature environment. This shade of lavender purple toned with a pastel pink creates an elegant environment perfect for evoking calm before bed.

2. Purple and blue

purple and blue bedroom decor ideas paint walls colours

Similarly, a light purple tones beautifully against a dark or royal blue. This bedroom has predominantly light purple walls to create a lavender wash that is then accentuated by the bold blue feature wall. If you like, you could also reverse the colours for a similar effect; a baby or sky blue would provide a beautiful canvas against which a deep purple feature wall would shine.

Orange two colour combination for bedroom walls

1. Orange and yellow

yellow and orange bedroom feature wall decor

Orange and yellow is a match made in heaven. Because they are so close on the colour wheel, they tone together beautifully. Orange and yellow just feels right. It creates a happy, summery atmosphere perfect for a lover of cheerful décor. The best shades are deep mustard yellows toned with a similarly husky orange (rather than pale or bright).

2. Orange and pink

orange and pink bedroom mural mountains beautiful ideas

Orange and pink is another beautifully matched combination of like colours. Orange and pink are both warm, red-based colours which evoke strong emotions and cheerfulness. Toning a light pink with a dusky orange is a great way to layer a room with an impression of sunrise and sunset. Whether you do this with two separately painted walls or a combination with a piece of art like the photo above, and orange and pink colour combination is sure to never disappoint.

3. Orange and green

pink and yellow orange combination decor ideas wall painting unusual

Now, orange and green might seem like a combination of two colours that are far too strong to compliment each other. It’s true, both can be very overpowering – and the wrong shades when paired together look ghastly.

However, a very pale orange matched with a similarly light green create a gorgeous earthy and natural look. Take the photo of BedThreads linens above for inspiration; for a unique bedroom wall colour combination, consider drawing from a palette like this one.

Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

1. Pink and cream

pink and brown bedroom ideas decor combo dusty cream

When it comes to room colours, sometimes simple is best. This is certainly the case for pink and cream; a lovely combination of neutral and vibrant that promotes creativity, calm, and self-acceptance. Dusky pink in particular works well with a warm cream.

2. Pink and blue

blue and pink bedroom decor ideas dark blue royal pink design sheets bedframe bedhead

Conversely, for a bold colour combination with pink consider using the contrast of a deep blue. Deep, contemporary blues make the brightness of pink stand out in stark contrast.

This colour scheme is particularly complicated to pull off – but even more rewarding. One approach to better blend and create dynamics between the two strong colours is to create a geometric feature wall (i.e. paint the walls in some sort of pattern rather than a straight scheme of one colour for each wall).

Blue two colour combination for bedroom walls

1. Blue and gold

gold sun mural bedroom ideas adult wallpaper design HDB BTO combo

A timeless colour scheme used by royalty for centuries, blue and gold communicates power, elegance and strength. Combining both colours in a mural like the one above (wallpaper version available here) is a great way to subtly integrate the two into your colour scheme rather than a blanket 1:1 ratio, which could become overwhelming or even boring over time.

2. Blue and green

blue white and gold bedroom green design ideas combination walls feature paint

Blue and green is one of the most celebrated colour combinations in existence. A calming and self-assured look, combining blue and green is a perfect scheme for the modern master bedroom.

Bold and deep hues work best, and layering them throughout the room – for instance, like the floors in the above photo – creates depth reminiscent of the deep blues and greens of the ocean. Consider mixing in a little gold as with this mural for something a little more spectacular.


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