How to design an awesome family-friendly flat

With some strategic planning and out-of-the-box thinking, flats can make awesome family homes despite their compact size. Here are some fine examples.

  • How to design an awesome family-friendly flat

Text by Janice Seow

#1 An add-on balcony for private time

Creating functional spaces for the family of four living in this four-room flat was top priority for the designers at MET Interior. In an ingenious move, the team has carved out a ‘balcony’ in the elongated living room. It’s separated from the main living space by bi-fold doors, and serves as a quiet spot where different members of the family can come to work or read.

The master bedroom has two entrances – one at the living area and another at the balcony – offering more options to move in and out of the room more discreetly. Seeing how the daughter’s bedroom has only two tiny windows, the designers have also inserted a living room facing internal window that not only brings in more fresh air and light, but also enhances the sense of connection to the communal areas and gives more opportunity for family interactions.

Project by MET Interior. See the full story here

#2 A flat for extra-curricular activities

unique flat design

Having lived in this four-room flat for many years, the owners decided that it was time to refresh the space. They wanted a bright and minimalist home with lots of storage to hide away clutter. Importantly, they had a teenage daughter who did ballet, and needed an open area where she could practice her craft.

The designers at Artistroom have demolished one of the bedrooms to enlarge the living space. This opens up an area suitable for dance practice and there is now even space for a storeroom. Mirrored walls in the living area also create the right environment for dance practice and visually expand the space.

The study is enclosed by a glass sliding door, furthering the sense of visual connection, and it has been set up to accommodate all three members of the family at the same time.

Project by Artistroom. See the full story here

#3 The flat with extra rooms

This five-room flat is home to a family of three and a helper. The owners’ parents also come to stay from time to time, and the owners felt that three bedrooms just wasn’t enough to meet their needs.

unique flat design

The designers at The Interior Lab have cleverly reconfigured the unit to cater for more rooms. The yard has been converted into the helper’s room, one of the bedrooms has been split into two to accommodate the kid’s nursery and a guest room for the owners’ parents when they visit, and another common room reduced in size and made into a home office (thus giving more space to the adjacent master bedroom that’s now able to fit a walk-in wardrobe).

Project by The Interior Lab. See the full story here

#4 The advantage of shape-shifting spaces

unique flat design

This four-room flat is not strictly designed for a family, but its concept of shape-shifting spaces is perfect for those with children. Beyond its lovely mid-century modern interiors, what’s striking about this home is its use of sliding panels that can be moved to zone different areas as needed.

The design of these ‘moveable walls’ was inspired by the aluminium panels conceived by architect Jean Prouvé for his projects, including his own home in France. They can be used to enclose the kitchen on two sides, or can slide behind the sofa to become a decorative backdrop for the living area while offering some privacy. The large circular ‘windows’ set within the wooden panels are great for allowing views through so parents can watch over their kids even when they are in a different part of the house.

Project by Shed Studio. See the full story here

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