Home improvement: A four-room flat gets a fresh new look

Following a much-needed revamp by Artistroom, this beloved family home is now a bright and minimalist dwelling with plenty of practical storage space.

  • Home improvement: A four-room flat gets a fresh new look

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,200sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Design sensibility is placed above unnecessary flourishes in this home, even in its second renovation commissioned to Artistroom. The design team reveals: “The homeowners have been living in this flat for many years and it was due for a home improvement. They decided to take this opportunity to renovate and refresh the space, and to create a more storage-friendly and fuss-free setup.”


Noting that the homeowners have a teenage daughter who does ballet, the designers needed to reconfigure the space to create a larger open area for her to practise her craft. They say: “For the new layout, we demolished the bedroom walls to enlarge the living space, as well as to accommodate more storage and a storeroom.” The orientation of the study room has been flipped to cater to a spacious living and dining space. Enclosed by a space-enhancing sliding glass door, the light-filled study features an elongated desk – a perfect setup to accommodate all three of the home’s occupants at the same time.


Cladded strategically with mirrors, the structural column in the living space visually ‘disappears’ into the surroundings and no longer stands out like an unsightly feature. This makes the area feel even more open and it now serves as a perfect spot for ballet practice. Teamed with pristine white walls, homogeneous floor tiles with stone-inspired motifs create a real sense of fluidity, especially with this large-format surface extended to the television console for design continuity. The team adds: “To further this clean aesthetic, magnetic track lights were introduced to enhance the brightness and to provide mood lighting.”


Privacy issues were looked into as well, as the designers felt that the previous configuration where the bedroom entrances were facing the living area was quite intrusive. They thus designed hidden entrances for the private areas like the master bedroom and storeroom along the corridor. These doorways are seamlessly concealed within the full-height storage units that are flushed neatly with the wall.

kitchen home improvement

Replacing the kitchen’s previous L-shaped configuration is a galley layout that maximises storage and countertop space. The designers reveal: “We extended the countertop and storage space so it could be segregated into areas for kitchen, pantry and laundry needs. At the same time, there is ample countertop space for appliances and food preparation.” A coloured glass backsplash has been installed for easy maintenance and to usher more light into the kitchen.

bathroom home improvement

At the back of the kitchen is where the common bathroom resides. The black glass door echoes the chic style of the kitchen backsplash, while stone-inspired wall tiles and wood-look floor tiles bring in the mood.

A section has been carved out in the master bedroom for two walk-in wardrobes with separate access points. These ‘his-and-hers’ closets are designed to better accommodate the homeowners’ respective storage needs and give them a bit of personal space.

Glass doors installed at the master bathroom and walk-in wardrobes allow for more light to flow through the space, with the frosted and tinted finishes respectively adding an element of privacy.

White and neutral tones are easy to live with, and with highly-functional amenities, this low-maintenance home makes the perfect forever home for this family. 


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