Tips and tricks to help you save money at home

Save more on your monthly utility expenses by cultivating these eco-friendly habits and choosing energy-efficient appliances.

  • Tips and tricks to help you save money at home

Text by Disa Tan

#1 Avoid cramming your fridge

In a well-running fridge, cold air should be able to circulate within the unit without obstruction. Cramming your fridge full with food can block air vents and restrict the flow of cold air and your fridge will have to work harder to chill the unit.

The Samsung SpaceMax Bottom Mount Freezer has thinner walls that maximises internal capacity, while ensuring optimal insulation. This creates more space to store food without increasing the 325L fridge’s external dimensions or compromising its energy efficiency. The 4-tick fridge’s Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand, which consumes less energy and ultimately helps you save money.

save money with Bosch washing machine

#2 Don’t overload on detergent

We’ve all been told that laundry should be done when there’s a full load, but did you also know that using too much detergent can prolong the wash cycle, and therefore consume more energy and water in the process?

With the Bosch Series 6 WGG254A0SG 10kg front load washing machine, you only need to top up the detergent and softener chambers once which will last for 26 washes. Its i-DOS automatic dosing system will dispense the exact amount of detergent, softener and water needed for each wash with sensors that detect the load weight, fabric type and even the degree of soiling. This reduces additional rinse cycles to remove soap scum, as well as triggers of irritation, rashes and allergies for those with sensitive skin.

save money with Mayer air fryer oven

#3 Heat or bake with smaller cooking appliances

Larger appliances tend to consume more energy than smaller ones. Ovens for instance, can zap up more electricity than air fryers or toaster ovens due to their large capacity and longer cooking timings.

If you are not heating or baking a huge batch of food, consider smaller appliances such as Mayer’s 24L MMAO24 Air Fryer Oven. This air fryer oven can save electricity with a shorter cooking time, and will also save on countertop space with its two-in-one capabilities.

LB air con

#4 Reduce the load on your air conditioner

An air conditioner installed in a spot with too much direct sunlight can affect its cooling capabilities by forcing the condenser unit to work harder. For more shade, using solar window film and of course, keeping doors and windows closed will help your air conditioner work more efficiently in cooling down the room and help you save money.

Using the energy-efficient R32 refrigerant, LG ArtCool Air Conditioners are able to dissipate heat more efficiently, while offering a higher cooling capacity. This means it requires less energy to cool indoor spaces. The air conditioner can be controlled remotely via the LG ThinQ app so you can switch it on or off, or adjust temperature settings to avoid energy wastage.

save money with Efenz fan

#5 Switch to a fan

According to The National Environment Agency, running the air conditioner for an hour and then switching to a fan to cool your room can save you about $386 a year in energy bills. That’s because the energy used by one air conditioner is the equivalent of 11 fans.

Efenz, a home-grown brand specialising in high-quality fans, has a great range of ceiling fans for modern homes. Its ermestar Light Handcrafted Wood series makes a sleek appearance with three layers of 50mm lightweight solid timber handcrafted blades. Available in three sizes, you can choose to have it with a dimmable LED light in varying lighting modes. Enjoy a smooth and powerful airflow with its 5-speed control, and also select from different wind features like Natural Wind or Forward/Reverse Airflow.

Andris2 Top

#6 Turn on the storage water heater only when needed

Unlike instantaneous water heaters, storage water heaters continue to use energy to heat water when they are not switched off.

The Ariston Andris2 Top Electric Storage Water Heater will change that with its smart features and help you save money. This WiFi-enabled storage water heater allows you to turn it on and off via its dedicated mobile app. It will also send shower-ready notifications to your mobile when the water is heated.

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