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Meticulous spatial transformation brings out this condo’s full potential

The original layout of this apartment has been meticulously reworked by Artistroom with the addition of two dining rooms, an entertainment room and expanded bedrooms.

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,800sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

As the owners shifted from a landed property to this condominium, storage was crucial for them. In undertaking this home transformation, designer Mark Chen of Artistroom took note of that and introduced lots of hidden storage spaces that hide away life’s clutter. The first of two dining areas, this space spots a cosy Scandinavian aesthetic, backdropped by a stained plywood cabinet that lend a cosy ambience to dinner conversations.

transformation condo Artistroom

“When I first entered the unit, I felt that there wasn’t enough natural light coming into the space. The original interior layout was very gloomy and dark,” laments the designer. The layout was reworked to encourage more natural light and ventilation – crucial elements to create a homely and relaxing living room. Terrazzo flooring with tiny stones and white walls further brighten up the space.

transformation condo Artistroom

The split-level apartment neatly divides the living and service functions by elevation. The reworked layout on the upper level also affords a helper’s room

According to the designer, the original apartment already had an interesting layout with split levels and good bones, which he desired to retain. It was simply improved upon by taking into consideration of the owners’ lifestyle. The second dining area visually varies from the first with a more masculine style. It is ideal for the frequent hosts who can then break off into separate groups with their guests as the evening progresses.

transformation condo unit Artistroom

The owners asked for an entertainment room, which was carved out by reorienting the position of the kitchen and yard – this was the result of meticulous space planning. The compact and cosy space is fitted with a glass door that makes a small room feel spacious. Decorated with tasteful furnishings and modern art, it is the ideal spot to retreat to after a heavy meal.

transformation condo unit Artistroom

A dream spot for bookworms to get lost in literature, the long walkway is lined with shelves that display the owners’ collection of books and memorabilia. Shelves take up just half of the wall space, reducing visual clutter and creating space to showcase art on the walls.

transformation condo Artistroom

The original layout of the kitchen posed an issue for the couple who cooks daily. Hence, a lot of thought was put into transforming the kitchen to enable more storage and counter space for a seamless flow. The efficient and inviting kitchen features big windows, terrazzo countertops and purple laminates that make cooking a joyful experience.

transformation condo Artistroom

Walls and built-in wardrobes in vivid blues and forest greens embrace the bedroom. Coupled with timeless African wenge wood flooring, the palette is calming without being dull. “The family has a chill attitude towards things and they are trendy as well, so the materials used are ‘loud’ either in texture or colour,” says the designer of this home transformation.

Floor plan: 
The existing kitchen, yard, dining room and family room have been reoriented for improved flow. Meanwhile, the bedrooms gain more space by extending into the balconies.

transformation condo Artistroom


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