Landed House

Light-filled house with stacked gardens

This tranquil house by The Design Abode makes the most of the outdoors with a staggered layout and utilitarian aesthetic.

Multigenerational living, cooking and togetherness

Blending indoor and outdoor living, this Bayside residence by JCB Architects provides ample space for all different functions.

Embracing the slow life

Poetically named the ‘House of Wind’, this terrace house by Chalk Architects embraces light and nature within living spaces.

Discover serenity in a pocket-sized garden

The family living here enjoys the outdoors via a miniature Japanese garden and green pockets on every floor.

A very private house

With a bold, impenetrable facade to the street, House Between the Walls flips the expectation of how to create a private and peaceful home.

The pages of time in a terrace house

This terrace house in Australia channels the story of a home through decades of ownership by the same client.

A dog-friendly home in Thailand

Using a unique roof form, this home by EKAR Architects is for an avid dog lover and his canine companions.

A tropical rainforest in a corner terrace house

In designing his corner terrace house, a nature lover and interior designer puts a creative spin to the phrase ‘living with nature’.

The Tear Away House

Articulated by a vertical rupture of unfinished brick, Splinter Society has made clear the divide between old and new in Tear Away House.

Luxury home of a football star and a designer

With spectacular views of Melbourne’s skyline, Grange Residence is a generous family home in Toorak – a sanctuary of expansive proportions that affords deep-seated luxury.