Landed House

A feminine sanctuary for the family

Shona McElroy had a brief of conflicting requirements when designing this family home – but underpinning it all was a space to truly relax in.

An inter-terrace house gets a brilliant makeover

By reshaping the space and bringing in the light, Space Sense Studio has turned a standard inter-terrace property into a home that’s full of ease and comfort.

A DIY home in Tokyo ten years in the making

Located in Setagaya, (arguably Tokyo’s trendiest ward), House on the Way is just that, a house in the making.

Curated layers in a Vietnamese townhouse

At Tropical Townhouse in southern Vietnam, the layering of simple materials has coalesced in an exquisite home.

Every window is a garden

A roof that drips, windows with no glass, a stair between patches of grass – Linghao Architects’ renovation to a house allows its occupants to live with nature’s vicissitudes.

Renewing an old, landed family home

See how AP Concept restored this decades-old landed family home with a modern kitchen facelift and other style updates.

Penthouse of sweeping spaciousness

Amidst the gorgeously delivered curves of Greg Natale’s Walsh Bay Penthouse in Sydney, there presides a modernist sensibility.

Conserved home for well-being and the future

The house on Figaro Street is naturally ventilated throughout and opens up to the outdoors in a most delightful manner.

A terrace house with a large and airy kitchen

Through massive spatial reconfiguration, AP Concept transforms this property into a space for quiet interests and sociable moments.

Building porosity in a terrace house

Formwerkz Architects employs a medley of judicious manoeuvres to create a light-filled, interactive terrace house filled with the pleasantries of plants.