Must-have bathroom fixtures for every home

Sanitech’s in-house brand, Schmied, makes daily cleansing rituals an enjoyable experience with its Avant Garde Smart Toilet, and Klug range of basin mixers and shower mixers.

  • Must-have bathroom fixtures for every home

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Creating a dream bathroom extends beyond choosing sanitary ware that reflect your design sensibilities. It also necessitates selecting fixtures that are reliable, hygienic, ergonomic, low-maintenance, user-friendly, cost-effective and sourced from reputable suppliers.


Sanitech, Singapore’s leading bathroom supplier, distributes world-renowned sanitary ware brands like Elkay, Fima, TECE and Valdama. It even has its own innovative in-house brand Schmied. The homegrown company’s 1,700-square-foot showroom in Bedok North features engaging displays that invite customers to test out the array of beautiful products before purchase. To further guide customers in conceptualising their dream bathrooms are Sanitech’s knowledgeable in-house experts who excel in product and technical matters.

If you’re planning to visit the showroom anytime soon, here are several Schmied bathroom fixtures you ought to check out and consider for your home.

Smart toilet

Every bathroom can’t do without a toilet and Sanitech’s flagship product trumps conventional models in every aspect. The wall-hung Schmied Avant Garde Smart Toilet is the only low-wattage toilet in Singapore that can be installed in HDB flat toilets without needing certifications or approvals by government bodies. Plus, this smart toilet’s compact footprint of 380mm x 591.8mm belies a whole host of high-tech features within its streamlined body. Some of them include water temperature settings, cleansing modes, water pressure levels, heated seat and auto deodorant, which are controlled via a digital wall-mounted console or your smartphone using the Tuya app. Enjoy luxurious cleansing sessions with Schmied’s innovative patented technology of air-infused water while the integrated UV light and nano-antibacterial coating sanitise the smart toilet for ultimate hygiene and comfort.

Basin mixers and shower mixers

Complete your spa-like treatment with Schmied’s Klug range of basin mixers and shower mixers, featuring diamond-cut, knurled textured handles for easy grip. For greater versatility, the basin mixers come in both short and tall variants. The latter is perfect for countertop basins or for filling tall vessels like buckets and vases when paired with undermount basins.

Schmeid from Sanitech

Meanwhile, the shower mixers are available in exposed and concealed variants, catering to differing customer preferences. In addition, the Klug range offers three delightful finishes such as chrome, gunmetal and matte black that are sure to match any bathroom design.

Visit Sanitech at their showroom located at 3018 Bedok North Street 5, #02-42 Eastlink Building, Singapore 486132. T (65) 6344 1818

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