Unveiling the ultimate statement-making toilet flush plate

TECE’s new flush plate styles are poised to turn the bathroom into a chic sanctuary. Check out the gorgeous designs.

  • Unveiling the ultimate statement-making toilet flush plate

Text by Disa Tan

High style can arrive in small packages. Take, for instance, the TECEsquare flush plate, which effortlessly elevates the bathroom from ordinary to sophisticated. What’s exciting is TECE has released stunning new PVD metal colours and satin glass finishes to make their flush plates even more appealing. Their flush plates are a favourite among architects and bathroom planners and it’s not hard to see why. The products are not only beautifully crafted, but their ultra-thin 3mm design profile is also the slimmest on the market. We dive into how these new designs can infuse your bathroom with a serious dose of style.

In metallic splendour

TECE flush plate

Brushed metal hues are now cooler than ever, especially with TECE’s new metal PVD colours in on-trend styles like brushed, red gold and nickel. The Brushed Black Chrome option, for one, brings a modern edge that highlights its high-quality matte finish.

TECE flush plate

Brushed Nickel never looked so good in a bathroom with a lighter palette. This TECEsquare flush plate colour refreshes the WC with its elegant brushed structure.

TECE flush plate

Adding a cool contrast to serene bathroom tones, who knew the Brushed Stainless Steel colour could go so well with a calming neutral palette? Better yet, all TECE PVD metal flush plate colours have anti-fingerprint properties, so they stay pristine always.

Certainly unique, the TECEsquare flush plate in Brushed Red Gold delivers a bold dose of glamour in a brilliantly-coloured bathroom

Artful patinas on rusted steel

TECE flush plate

The Rusted Steel colour on a TECEsquare flush plate will bring a beautiful patina finish to plain walls, so much so that it looks like an architectural feature. The rusted steel surface is finished by hand while adhering to the highest quality of workmanship, making each piece unique.

Contemporary opulence of satin glass

Hitting a different note of elegance is TECE’s new satin glass finishes available in four styles – Black, Signal Grey, White and Sand Beige. First up, the TECEsquare flush plate in Black wows with the high-quality satin finish.

Against a nature-inspired backdrop, the TECEsquare flush plate in a Signal Grey fits neatly into the scheme with a luminous appearance executed flawlessly by its firing glass process.

Offering a sense of lightness is the TECEsquare flush plate in White. The firing process behind glass also provides a beautiful optical depth effect and captivating light reflections for all the glass finishes to shine in any bathroom scheme.


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