Awesome bathroom ideas for 2023

Forget cookie-cutter looks. Take your bathroom to the next level of cool in 2023 with these awesome bathroom ideas!

  • Awesome bathroom ideas for 2023

Top image: Design by atelier here
Text by Janice Seow

Many people see their bathrooms as their personal sanctuary, and that’s not going away anytime soon. That term ‘sanctuary’ plays out differently for different people, which is why we’ve put together bathroom ideas that we think are not only awesome, but also cater to different personalities and tastes.

#1 New resort getaway

The resort-inspired bathroom continues to be popular as it brings to mind relaxing days by the beach, and the idea of calming, spa-like indulgence – all of which have universal appeal.

bathroom ideas rock wall
Design by Arkhilite

Instead of a typical resort aesthetic (dark wood, rattan, pebbles), consider alternative bathroom ideas such as a custom rock wall feature for that rugged outdoor feel, like this one from Design Vault (above), or a raw and dusky-hued microcement finish on walls (below) for a more modern and minimalist look.

microcement walls in bathroom
Design by Offthebox

Speaking of outdoors, you can even build an artificial skylight in your bathroom using light changing LEDs to mimic different times of the day (below).

bathroom with artificial skylight
Design by Poets Interior

#2 The alternative feminine style

Want a feminine bathroom that’s elegant and tasteful, and not overly girly so the men in the house will still feel at home in them?

elegant bathroom
Design by Smac Studio

Choose soft and dusky pinks in favour of loud ones, and pair them with whites and other calming neutrals. Even subtle feminine accents in the form of flowers, accessories and patterned marble grains can go a long way.

feminine bathroom
Design by Smac Studio

#3 Playing with geometry

Looking for a bold, statement-making bathroom? Besides going for loud colours, consider using shapes and patterns to deliver a playful touch, delineate the space, and even create optical illusion. So as not to go overboard, consider using them in the same or similar shade.

geometric patterns in bathroom
Design by WY-TO

#4 The island vanity

Placing the bathroom vanity outside the bathroom has become more popular among homeowners living in compact flats and apartments, and we see the trend continuing as people desire more bathing space and the comfort of a larger vanity.

island vanity
Design by MONOCOT

In this four-room HDB flat, the enlarged master bedroom is big enough to accommodate a stylish vanity island that’s a bookcase on the bed facing side. It also serves as a ‘privacy screen’.

Monocot project
Design by MONOCOT

#5 Jungle calling

One easy way to bring nature into the bathroom is with wallpaper print. Just avoid placing the wall covering right by the shower. Vinyl wallpaper is a great option for bathrooms as it’s durable and resistant to moisture and humidity, and be sure to check on water proofing and water resistant treatments before purchase. There are so many design options, and we particularly love the wild and colourful design in this project. It really makes you feel like you’re in a lush jungle and at one with nature.

Bathroom ideas - jungle wallpaper
Design by D’Initial Concept

Depending on the design, full-length feature walls can be great for that immersive feel. You can also opt for half walls to create an accent and a point of interest.

#6 Unusual entrances

Instead of a generic door, why not consider a ‘porthole’ bathroom entryway? It allows you to view and appreciate your bathroom design easily, and you can still have privacy with a door to the WC. It also plays intriguingly on the idea of frames and layers. It’s something you can consider if you do not have young kids or older folks living with you.

Kaizen architecture project
Design by Kaizen Architecture

#7 Indulgent foot baths

Homeowners often look to create various spa-like experiences in their bathroom, but this is a little more unusual. In this HDB project, a sunken floor design allows the owners to enjoy a warm and luxurious foot bath, just like what one might find at a Japanese onsen.

bathroom ideas onsen
Design by Icon Interior

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