Perfect scent: How to make your bathroom smell amazing

Having a well-designed bathroom is just half the battle. Here are the simple ways to make it smell divine and cultivate your own personal wellness sanctuary.

  • Perfect scent: How to make your bathroom smell amazing

Text by Janice Seow

A well-designed bathroom is important, but to have it truly be your wellness sanctuary, it needs to smell good, too.

Scent has the power to influence our emotions and can put us in the positive state of mind – which is what we all desire when we start our day in the morning, or in the evening, when all we want is to wind down with a relaxing bath. Here’s how to make your bathroom smell amazing, every day of the week.

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Start by removing odour

You need to start from the ground up when it comes to making your bathroom smell good. Rather than simply masking foul smells with heavy scents, the key is to actively remove odours and create a clean room that smells like, well… nothing!

This is also important for those with allergies or sensitive noses who do not respond well to stronger fragrances. For them, neutralising bad odours will be the only step necessary.

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#1 Clean your bathroom rug and other soft surfaces

Soft surfaces like rugs have the tendency to trap and retain odours. To remove them, sprinkle some baking soda on the culprit, gently work it in with a brush, and let it sit for up to an hour before vacuuming or wiping off.

bathroom towels

#2 Change your towels regularly

Trapped moisture also leads to damp smells that linger, so get rid of mildewy towels and ensure you regularly change items that tend to get wet.

Also, make sure your freshly cleaned towels are completely dry before you store them away in your cupboard, and if possible dry them out in the sun after each use before hanging them back up in the bathroom.

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#3 Refresh cabinets

Mould and mildew love damp and dark cabinets. Apart from causing health issues, they also emit bad and musty smells. Be sure to clean your bathroom cabinets regularly, including a dry wipe down of the items stored in them. It’s best to place in a dehumidifier absorber to soak up moisture, and include scented sachets so you get a whiff of a nice scent whenever you open the drawer.

#4 Clean your WC

Keep your toilet clean, always. You can mix one part baking soda with two parts white vinegar and scrub to get rid of nasty odours and stains. Placing a scented cleaner that runs with every flush, and lightly scenting your toilet brush with tea tree or your favourite essential oil will also go a long way.

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#5 Ventilate your bathroom often

One of the simplest and most obvious things to do is to allow air to circulate throughout the bathroom. Open your bathroom door and any windows you may have for at least 15 minutes every day to let odours escape and for fresh air to pass through the space. Let’s not forget that fresh air is essential for better health!

Take these steps to make your bathroom smell divine

laundry scent

#1 Refresh your laundry basket

Laundry baskets filled with damp and dirty clothes are big culprits when it comes to bad smells in the bathroom. If your laundry basket is starting to smell bad and you aren’t ready to do a bout of washing, place a few drops of essential oil into cotton balls and leave them in the laundry. Better yet, sun damp and dirty clothes elsewhere till you are ready to do your washing.

candle bathroom scent

#2 Include candles and diffusers

Candles and diffusers are common ways to bring your favourite scent into the bathroom. Popular bathroom fragrances include:

– Tea tree and mint for freshness. The former also comes with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

– Rosemary and eucalyptus for stress relief and relaxation

– Lemon and bergamot for a bathroom that smells classically fresh and clean

– Lavender for a calm and relaxing feel and to promote better sleep

#3 Have a herbal bath

A more uncommon but effective way to enjoy a lovely scented bath is to hang fresh mint or your herb of choice in the shower with you. The warm water will help to release the aromas.

#4 Throw in cotton scented balls

Earlier, we mentioned that you could place scented cotton balls in your laundry basket. You can do the same in other areas. Simply place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a couple of cotton balls and put them in your wastepaper basket, or even in your toothbrush holder.

soap scent

#5 Consider soap bars

Traditional soap bars aren’t as commonly used these days, but having scented ones on a soap dish not only brings in the luxury hotel feel and shows you care about the details, but is also another opportunity to add more heavenly smells into your bathroom.

bathroom scent

#6 Make your own custom blended scent

Why not go a step further and create your own custom house scent that is unique to you and your home?

Such homemade air fresheners are becoming more popular these days as they are more affordable and practical compared to buying traditional products (candles and diffusers can be expensive).

Have fun experimenting till you come up with a blend that you love. Don’t know where to start? Some of the most popular oils that people typically use in their homes include lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet orange and lemongrass.


– Use them as a diffuser

If you’re creating a diffuser, all you need is a small glass bottle, bamboo sticks or diffuser reeds, unscented baby oil (1/4 cup), rubbing alcohol (3 tablespoons), and your favourite essential oils ( 20 – 25 drops). Mixing sequence: baby oil, alcohol, followed by essential oil.

– On your toilet roll

Consider adding a few drops to the cardboard roll of your toilet roll. Make sure the perfume doesn’t get onto the tissue.

– In mason jars

Another fun and inexpensive option is to have a mason jar filled with fluffy cotton balls that carry your custom scent. Place it on a bathroom shelf or on your vanity counter.

What other hacks might you have when it comes to creating a great smelling bathroom?

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