5 reasons why EDL’s new Module surface should be on your reno list

Highly versatile, easy to install and durable, the Module surface from EDL should be your go-to wall cladding solution and here’s why.

  • 5 reasons why EDL’s new Module surface should be on your reno list

  • 5 reasons why EDL’s new Module surface should be on your reno list

  • 5 reasons why EDL’s new Module surface should be on your reno list

Top image: Module+ Pixie Oak Brown for backsplash
Text by Janice Seow

As a specialist in high pressure laminates, EDL creates quality materials that not only look and feel good, but that respond well to the day to day activities at home.

The latest addition to its product portfolio, Module is a new wall panelling solution that’s highly versatile and ideal for use in residential and commercial environments. In the former, kitchens and bathrooms are common applications.

Module is made in Japan and constructed out of non-flammable melamine boards, ensuring safety. Just as important, it carries many high-performance features that assure long-lasting use.

Here are all the reasons why Module is a great surfacing choice for modern homes.

#1 Easy installation means no major work required

Module surface EDL
Module Café Oak Grey for backsplash

Module panels are lightweight and easy to install on new and existing walls without the need for hacking, which saves time and money. All that’s needed is adhesive and double-sided tape. This makes it especially ideal if all you want is to make quick improvements to your space.

#2 It is very versatile and can be used on different surfaces

Module surface EDL
Module+ Cool White Mosaico for walls

The panels can be used for all kinds of wall cladding in both commercial and residential interiors. When it comes to homes, they are particularly great for use in the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, the version Module+ comes with all the features of Module, but with added protection for wet areas, which means it can be used as cladding on shower walls.

#3 It is easy to maintain and durable

Module surface EDL
Module+ Snow White-G for backsplash

Module is able to take life’s hard knocks. It is resistant to scratches, abrasions, stains and impact. This makes it a breeze to maintain and gives assurance that you can go about your daily activities without fear of damaging these pristine surfaces.

#4 Anti-bacterial properties ensure more healthful environments

Module surface EDL
Module+ Silk Wood for walls

More attention is being paid to hygiene at home. We all want our homes to be safe havens, especially since we are spending more time inside. So knowing that Module has anti-bacterial properties gives peace of mind.

#5 You can match it with other products from EDL for design cohesion

Module surface EDL
Module+ Blanc Carrara for walls

Module designs are available in matching high pressure laminates and Compact products from EDL. This allows you to attain seamless design integration across your carpentry, countertop and walls for a more harmonious looking interior. What’s more, with 42 decors and 6 finishes to choose from, it’s able to fit a huge variety of interior styles.


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