Downsize and moving to the heart of the city

An elderly couple moves from a landed home to a smaller apartment in District 10 that’s been impeccably tailored to their current lifestyle.

  • Downsize and moving to the heart of the city

  • Downsize and moving to the heart of the city

  • Downsize and moving to the heart of the city

  • Downsize and moving to the heart of the city

  • Downsize and moving to the heart of the city

  • Downsize and moving to the heart of the city

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,750sqft

Text by Janice Seow

With their kids all grown up and out of the house, one elderly couple realised that their semi-detached home had become far too big for just the two of them. The idea to downsize grew in appeal. “The premises was huge and it had become a challenge to maintain. They also yearned to move back to the city centre and into a smaller but well furnished unit,” shares designer Xu Naiyan of Create Architecture, whom the clients had engaged to design their new apartment on Grange Road.

downsize 4-room condo Create Architecture project

The couple, who import premium seafood produce and have a passion for cooking, love having family and friends over for a good meal. They enjoy the great outdoors, too, and what’s more, did not wish to lose the sense of spaciousness that their old house had given them. So despite the desire to downsize, their apartment had to be bright, inviting and spacious for the kind life they desired to lead.

The redesigned apartment features lots of curves, which Naiyan says was inspired by the postmodern architectural facade of the development. “It’s also naturally soothing to the eye and heart,” he adds. “They make the spaces and users feel cocooned, safe and warm.”

condo Create Architecture project

Beyond its visual appeal, the sculptural curves were key to creating “an unified experience in the house” that in its original form had featured deep corners and spaces that sat as isolated zones. The fluid surfaces also carry functional uses with integrated storage solutions neatly hidden within them. This ensures that the home remains free of unnecessary clutter, and leaves plenty of room to properly display the couple’s collection of artwork and antique furniture.

downsize condo Create Architecture project

The art of discretion continues, with full-height wall cabinets in the dining area designed to conceal the doorway to the study – making it visible only to the most discerning eye.

downsize condo Create Architecture project

To deliver on a bright and open communal space, the design team replaced the kitchen wall with a sliding fluted glass door so that the kitchen, dining and living areas are now connected seamlessly, yet still remain well-defined as individual zones. Even when the kitchen sliding door is closed, light filters through to brighten the spaces.

downsize condo Create Architecture project

This apartment had four rooms, which was more than what the couple required. The designers have thus merged one common room with the master, with the former converted into a generous walk-in wardrobe and having direct connection to master suite.

bedroom Create Architecture project

The master bathroom has also been enlarged to twice the size of the original and with the luxury of his and her sinks. And for convenience, the toilet and shower cubicle are separated so they can be used at the same time if needed.

wardrobe Create Architecture project

Elegant and abounding in discreet but functional features, this apartment is impeccably tailored, and in just the right size for the life its owners wish to lead.

bathroom Create Architecture project

Create Architecture

Photography by 0 Studio

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Laminates from EDL
Tiles and feature walls, Dekton by Cosentino
Kitchen countertop, Dekton by Cosentino
Sanitary ware, TOTO

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