Safety first with hansgrohe’s Croma E

Croma E, the new bathroom range from hansgrohe, is the perfect addition to the safety-conscious and family-friendly bathroom.

  • Safety first with hansgrohe’s Croma E

Text by Redzman Rahmat

When it comes to the family home, the bathroom is one of the busiest and most hectic spaces. It’s a functional and utilitarian zone, and often used by different individuals.

For parents, safety in the bathroom is a priority when it comes to their kids. After all, wet floors, sharp metal fixtures and scalding water thermostats can make the innocuous bathroom a danger zone for the younger ones.

This is why hansgrohe came up with its new Croma E range of shower fixtures. Ideal for the modern family bathroom, the collection of showers and faucets has been designed with safety in mind and yet, doesn’t compromise on functionality or aesthetics.

Croma E hansgrohe

Cool to the touch

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you’ve probably accidentally found yourself under a piping hot shower a couple of times. And when you reach out to adjust the temperature, you were probably shocked to touch the equally hot thermostat.

The Croma E range ensures that you never have to worry about finding yourself in hot water again. The CoolContact technology prevents the hansgrohe thermostat housing from heating up, ensuring that it remains cool to the touch at all times. This is thanks to the technology that runs cool water through the basic unit behind the entire front and top sections of the thermostat housing.

To ensure further peace of mind, Croma E also comes equipped with the SafetyStop features that prevents any unexpected increase in water temperature. You’ll never have to worry about the younger kids accidentally turning up the heat and scalding themselves in the shower.


No sharp edges

When it comes to the safety of children, sharp edges in the home is a definite concern. To address this, the Croma E product range comes with the new SoftCube design. The gently rounded corners ensure that there is absolutely no need to worry about scratches and scrapes. At the same time, it preserves the sleek, modern aesthetic that you expect to see in the contemporary bathroom.

Adjustable height

The best family bathrooms should be able to quickly adapt to whoever is using it. With the new Showerpipe shower slide, the Croma E hand shower can be adjusted to whatever height you need it to be. Quickly and easily move the shower head up or down to accommodate anyone, big or small.


Enjoyable spray modes

As to be expected from hansgrohe’s family of products, the hand shower comes with the Select function that lets you change the spray modes to your liking. The SoftRain, IntenseRain and Massage modes make the bathing experience much more enjoyable, no matter what age you are. Aside from that, everyone in the family will also surely enjoy the soft and voluminous RainAir spray from the large head shower.

With the new Croma E range, hansgrohe is bringing fun and safety to the modern family bathroom.


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