Rainfinity from hansgrohe will transform your shower experience

You’ll never shower the same way again. Here are three ways hansgrohe’s Rainfinity shower can change your life.

  • Rainfinity from hansgrohe will transform your shower experience

Text by Redzman Rahmat

Bathroom specialist hansgrohe firmly believes that a shower should be a holistic and pleasurable experience, and has spent years researching and developing products that deliver just that.

Its latest Rainfinity shower range is the perfect example. This brand new showering solution features innovative technology, timeless design and superior quality that can transform your daily rituals. Here’s how.

#1 Rainfinity envelops your entire body in a blast of rejuvenating water

Rainfinity hansgrohe

Rainfinity is the first head shower that will envelop your entire body in water. Normally, this spa-like experience is only available in shower systems with body jets, but Rainfinity’s unique design means you can have a similar and equally enjoyable experience.

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the shower has a slightly concave spray surface and a diffused arrangement of the jet disc holes. This is what allows the spray of water to cover the entire body from head to toe.

Rainfinity hansgrohe

Want to keep your face and hair dry? The shower features a unique wall connection that removes the need for a conventional shower arm. This innovative design lets you tilt the shower head between 10 and 30 degrees for a personalised shower.

#2 There are three spray modes to transform your daily shower experience

Your bathing preference can change from day to day, and that is why the Rainfinity overhead showers lets you choose from three spray modes.

PowderRain spray mode encourages maximum relaxation as thousands of microfine droplets gently caress your body. It’s so ultra-quiet and soothing that it will leave you feeling like you’ve just gone through a wellness experience.

rainfinity hansgrohe

For something a little more powerful, Intense PowderRain offers a concentrated jet of water from the centre of the jet disc. This spray mode is especially useful when you’re rinsing out shampoo from your hair.

rainfinity hansgrohe

The RainStream mode pampers you with a high spray intensity that massages your shoulders and back. It’s perfect for days when you just want to relax and let the water do all the work.

rainfinity hansgrohe

For the Rainfinity hand shower, RainStream mode is replaced by the MonoRain spray, which shoots out powerful water jets that are great for massaging your arms and legs.

#3 The range offers great design freedom

rainfinity hansgrohe

This brand new showering experience gives you design flexibility. Choose from the head shower or hand shower, and install it on your wall or ceiling. The hand shower is available in the traditional design, or an architecturally inspired geometric rod shape.

Rainfinity hansgrohe

Or you may want to opt for the Showerpipe. It’s a shower system consisting of an overhead and hand shower and a shower bar. It also comes with a practical shelf and concealed controls.

Rainfinity hansgrohe

For something different, the shoulder shower with an integrated shelf is not only a visual highlight in the bathroom, but also provides space for all your toiletries.


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