The bathroom vanity: Cool ideas for every type of home

Having a beautiful vanity is possible whether you live in an HDB flat, apartment or landed property. Here are ideas for homes big and small.

  • The bathroom vanity: Cool ideas for every type of home

Text by Janice Seow

#1 Quiet luxury

The whole idea behind this apartment was to create negative cocoon-like spaces that feel warm and comforting. In this bathroom (top image), a curved frame ‘shelters’ the vanity area, creating a feeling of intimacy. The sense of quiet luxury is reflected in the choice of materials and colours where the microcement wall harmonises with the marbled vanity. Key elements are discreet, from the slim display niches that blend into the wall to the integrated marbled washbasin. The choice of table lamp (more often seen in the living area or bedroom) is an unexpected and homey touch that imbues the space with warmth.

Design by ASOLIDPLAN. See the full story here

#2 Touch of retro


Lighting up a bathroom with artificial lights is easy, but what if you yearn to have more daylight in the space? In this five-room flat, glass blocks above the sink draw in natural light from the yard area, diffusing it across the powder room to create a gently radiant space. The vanity is accentuated with deep red mosaics. It is set in relatively deep, creating a cosy, cavern-like space that allows one to decorate and personalise the area with greater freedom.

Design by OMG Atelier. See the full story here

#3 Vanity as sculpture


Vanities don’t all have to be linear. Take this curvy, sculptural design for example, which protrudes out to accommodate a small basin but is otherwise slim to fit into a relatively compact bathroom. Natural stone and wood-like finishes bring a calming quality to the space.

Design by L Architects. See the full story here

#4 The perfect mood


This powder room is clad in dark wood finishes that envelops you the minute you step in. A gleaming marble vanity stands handsomely in the midst of it. The designers say that “the intention here was to create an interesting space for an enhanced guest experience” and we think they have managed to do just that.

Design by JOW Architects. See the full story here

#5 Bathed in light

Instead of being bounded by walls, this bathroom is surrounded by fluted glass panels that allow light to pour into the space and it feels so much more open and brighter. The vanity makes a powerful minimalist statement as a block of stone with loads of countertop space and a small but functional washbasin at the end.

Design by Homeroom Studio. See the full story here

#6 Vanity with a view  

Be strategic about where you place your vanity. In the case of this spacious bathroom in a landed home, the designers have positioned it by full-length windows so it gets plenty of natural light, and the owners can enjoy a view as they get ready for the day. The generous countertop has plenty of space for decorative items. Is also features an integrated toilet and is seamlessly connected to a luxurious tub.

Design by MONOCOT. See the full story here

#7 Embrace the feminine


Want a feminine bathroom that’s elegant and tasteful? Choose soft and dusky pinks in favour of loud ones, and pair them with whites and other calming neutrals. Even subtle feminine accents in the form of flowers, accessories and patterned marble grains can go a long way.

Also, consider full-length mirrors instead of the standard square and oval over the washbasin as an elegant way to make your bathroom feel larger.

Design by Smac Studio. See the full story here

#8 Jungle vibes

It’s not that hard to create a safari-style bathroom at home. Jungle or safari themed wallpaper, louvred double doors, vintage-inspired bathroom fittings and characterful motifs are some of the key elements that you can use to achieve the look.

Design by Terrestrial Architects. See the full story here

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