The most self-care worthy showers

Even the smallest bathrooms will feel like an oasis, thanks to hansgrohe’s Pulsify E and S modern shower ranges.

  • The most self-care worthy showers

Text by Disa Tan

Tiny bathrooms can still mean maximum enjoyment, especially with hansgrohe’s Pulsify ranges that open up new possibilities for your daily shower at home. For one, it is equipped with the microfine PowderRain spray mode. This indulgence of gentle rain allows the Pulsify to offer an optimal and individual shower experience. Now available in two impressive designs namely E and S, here’s how Pulsify is all set to turn your regular shower into the highlight of your day.

Hansgrohe Pulsify

It pampers you from head to toe

Whether you prefer your showers to be a slow and relaxing wash or speedy and refreshing, Pulsify can fulfil your personal shower needs. Its innovative PowderRain jet releases thousands of ultra-fine droplets that envelope the whole body, making you feel cocooned by water. It also has a stronger counterpart, Intense PowderRain, with an even higher number for droplets for an intense but indulgent shower.

Hansgrohe Pulsify

It doesn’t cost the earth or your water bill

You might think that luxurious showers equate to an extravagant water consumption, but with Pulsify’s EcoSmart technology, it actually reduces water usage by up to 40 per cent. Standard showers can consume an average of 15 litres per minute, while Pulsify’s EcoSmart versions only consume eight litres per minute. Whats more, their EcoSmart+ designs only consume six litres per minute – meaning a 60 per cent reduction in water consumption.

It makes a minimalistic statement

The Pulsify E shower series showcases an iconic cubic design to create a stunning shower enclosure. This clean-lined form comes in FinishPlus surfaces available in Chrome, Matt Black, Matt White and Brushed Bronze. There’s even an extensive variety of Pulsify E products ranging from overhead and hand showers to a Showerpipe system and a thermostatic mixer to complement all types of shower designs and needs.

Hansgrohe Pulsify

Its fluid design is friendly for space-challenged bathrooms

With rounded details found in the Pulsify S product range, this consistently circular design language enhances the visual space of smaller or narrow bathrooms. You’ll find overhead and hand showers, a cylindrical shower rail and a complete Showerpipe system in its diverse product range. It’s also available in various FinishPlus surfaces such as Chrome, Matt Black, Matt White and Brushed Bronze to work with different bathroom styles.

It is easy to remove annoying lime and calcium deposits

The sight of limescale-encrusted showerheads can dampen your wellness routine. For that, hansgrohe has factored in fuss-free maintenance for its Pulsify S showerheads with innovative QuickClean discs. The limescale and other gunk will rub right off the nozzles after showering!

It has a handy shelf for shower essentials

For a more seamless storage solution, Pulsity S offers shelving on its thermostatic mixer to store your daily toiletries and within easy reach. You can also consider hansgrohe’s WallStoris flexible storage system, which matches well with all Pulsify ranges.


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