High-performance water heaters that look good too

Sleeker than ever, Ariston’s two new electric water heater ranges are big on style and smart features.

  • High-performance water heaters that look good too

Text by Disa Tan

Yes, attractive water heaters do exist and you can look no further than with Ariston’s latest and slimmest water heater ranges. Designed for local homes, these space-efficient electric water heaters are not only aesthetically-pleasing, but are packed with high-tech features that make life easier. Here’s a closer look at how these two water heater series will elevate your home and your shower experience.

Ariston water heaters

Award-winning water heaters

Ariston’s AURES electric instant water heaters are renowned for their Constant Temperature (CT) technology and are the first to be officially certified by PSB Singapore to save up to 25% in energy. It has been upgraded in style and size, and is now slimmer and sleeker to fit better in small spaces.  Due to these cutting-edge features, it has earned the prestigious Good Design Award.

Ariston water heaters
AURES Premium+ Pump and Rainshower

User-friendly features

With six water heater models to choose from the AURES range, one of the highlights is Premium+ Pump and Rainshower—the quietest electric instant water heater in its class emitting noise levels as low as 42.7dB(A). Its silent pump and rainshower make for a luxurious shower experience.

Aures Top water heater

Perfect for multiple users with different water temperature preferences, the AURES TOP records up to three preset shower temperatures. This is convenient for those with kids or senior family members, as each user can enjoy their favourite preset shower temperature at a touch of a button on the water heater’s interface.

AURES Premium

Safety comes first 

Besides shower enjoyment, Ariston places emphasis on safety with these practical features for the AURES range. It has an Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) safety mechanism detecting any dangerous electric leakage, and will interrupt the electrical circuit to avoid the risk of electric shock. It also proactively scans components when it is powered to ensure safe and proper operation. Lastly, its Anti-Scald technology features a temperature lock to instantly interrupt the heating cycle when the preset temperature is reached. The newly-developed patented tank also prevents the residual heat of water to further minimise scalding accidents.

Andris LUX WI-FI 15/30

Wi-Fi water heaters with voice commands

As the sole brand in Singapore to offer a full range of Wi-Fi enabled water heaters, Ariston is changing the game with these three new electric storage water heaters:  SL2 20/30 LUX-D WI-FI, ANDRIS2 15/30 LUX-D WI-FI and ANDRIS LUX WI-FI 15/30. The beauty lies in the Ariston NET smart app integrating with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Using the voice command functions, you can turn these water heaters on or off, adjust the water temperature or receive real-time temperature updates.   

Ariston water heaters

Saves up to 25% in energy

The user-friendly Ariston NET app will give you a better grasp on managing and improving your current energy consumption, thus enabling up to 25% in energy savings.

Ariston water heaters
SL2 20/30 LUX-D WI-FI   

Reliable performance

Both the new SL2 20/30 LUX-D WI-FI and the existing ANDRIS2 TOP 30 WI-FI model come with a patented full-titanium heating element. That means it is equipped with a lifetime warranty, energy-saving smart ECO EVO function and AG+ technology that stops bacteria proliferation for improved hygiene.

Ariston Group

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