Kitchen countertops: What to ask before you buy

FLORIM Stone sintered surface checks every important factor that defines a perfect kitchen countertop. See how it responds to these essential questions.

  • Kitchen countertops: What to ask before you buy

The kitchen is often the most hardworking room in the house, especially if you do frequent cooking and entertaining. When renovating this space, it is therefore always worth doing a bit of research and investing in products that will last. Kitchen countertops are a key feature in this space, and their surfaces are frequently used for food prepping and even meals, so do spend extra time thinking over your options.

Florim Stone kitchen countertops

When it comes to high-quality kitchen countertops, FLORIM Stone sintered surface from Hafary easily checks all the boxes. See how it responds to the top five considerations listed below.

Is it a strong and durable material?

Florim Stone kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops have to be able to withstand frequent use and contact with a whole assortment of kitchen tools, so you need to know how enduring your material of choice is going to be.

Made of high-quality clays and mineral colour, FLORIM Stone sintered surfaces are pressed and fired at over 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This process creates a strong and hard-wearing material.

The material is also tightly bonded with fibreglass mesh, allowing it to respond effectively to accidental impact.

Is it stain, scratch, heat and UV resistant?

Florim Stone

You’ll want to know if your kitchen countertop is able to take spills, impact, and hot pots and pans, and still look pristine at the end of the day with nary a mark or scratch. UV resistance if also an important consideration especially if your countertop is near the window or you want it outdoors.

Subjected to over 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit, the firing process of FLORIM makes it highly resistant to heat. Furthermore, FLORIM Stone is characterised by very low porosity. This impermeability restricts stains from forming on the material, and also means that the material is entirely waterproof.

As FLORIM Stone does not contain resins, the colour does not change over time and is UV ray resistant. This allows the material to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Is it easy to maintain and clean?

Florim Stone

Life would be so much easier if you knew that the kitchen countertop you’ve invested in could be easily maintained without unnecessary worry and stress, or having to spend loads of time keeping it in good shape.

With FLORIM Stone, regular cleaning requires only the use of a neutral liquid detergent, water and a soft sponge or microfibre cloth. No sealing, conditioning or polishing is needed.

Is it food safe?

Florim Stone

Kitchen countertops will often come in direct contact with food, and so it’s essential to know if your countertop surface meets all safety requirements.

FLORIM Stone is safe for food preparation. The material is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation – Food Equipment Materials) certified and therefore suitable for use in direct contact with food and food moisture.

The NSF brand is recognised worldwide for the high-quality standard of the products and thanks to this certification, the materials intended for contact with food and drinking water are considered safe.

I like the material, but I want design options. How broad is the range?

kitchen countertops Florim

You know the material functions brilliantly, but you also need to know if it comes in a good range of design options, with ones that can fit the style of your kitchen and home.

FLORIM Stone is offered in more than 30 design and surface finishes, including ones that simulate the appearance of marble, stone, cement and metal. These options capture the beauty of the material while providing the strength and durability required of a countertop material.

FLORIM Stone sintered surfaces is available in Singapore exclusively at Hafary

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