4 reasons why these Admira high pressure laminates are brilliant

Beyond Brilliance Noir’s high-style finish is a versatile and self-healing surface made for everyday practicality.

  • 4 reasons why these Admira high pressure laminates are brilliant

Text by Disa Tan

Who wouldn’t want a home that requires no work and yet looks sleek and pristine always? Now you can, thanks to Admira’s premium Brilliance Noir collection that brings enduring beauty home with little effort on your part. Here’s how these high pressure laminates look and function beautifully in any home.


#1 They have impressive thermal healing properties

Brilliance Noir high pressure laminates boast thermal healing properties, which means their immaculate appearance can be restored through the use of friction or heat. This makes them a perfect fit in high-traffic zones especially the kitchen, where any stress related to upkeep and maintenance will be significantly reduced.

#2 They pack a ton of high-performance attributes

Though sleek in size, the Brilliance Noir series actually features a ton of other practical features to serve you well in the long run. This high-performance surface holds up well to fire, water, stains, chemicals, impact, and scratches, and is anti-microbial for long-lasting protection.

Admira Brilliance Noir laminate

#3 They are appealing to the touch and have seamless low-light reflection

When you see and touch the nine stunning solid shades under the Brilliance Noir collection, you’ll realise that laminates aren’t so basic after all. The difference with this collection lies in its fine craftsmanship developed and manufactured in Europe. From there, you can expect elegant and tactile designs bestowing a rich and considered look to your space. Feel the exceptional textures and fall in love with the dimensional finish you can’t help but touch.

Admira Brilliance Noir laminate

Sporting a soft matte appearance, the surface embodies a low light reflection. This light-absorbing feature indicates that no matter what time of the day it is or how much light is projected onto it, these high pressure laminates maintain their flawless matte appearance.

Admira Brilliance Noir laminate

#4 They have sleek dimensions for design versatility

Their 0.9mm thick surface provide great design flexibility and they can be applied as decorative surfaces for different interior, architectural or furniture needs. Armed with fingerprint-resistant technology, and being stain, chemical and scratch resistant, these high pressure laminates work great on custom carpentry such as cabinets, wardrobe, drawers, and even as countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.


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