A smart home in Pinnacle@Duxton with a kitchen hub and bar

With a home designed for ‘live, work and play’, the owners of this Pinnacle@Duxton unit have everything they need right here.

  • A smart home in Pinnacle@Duxton with a kitchen hub and bar

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat (DBSS)

Floor Area: 990sqft

Text by Janice Seow

This home in Pinnacle@Duxton is a reflection of the times. Designed by Joanne Tang of De Style Interior, it is built for relaxation, work and intimate gatherings. It is also controlled via smart home solutions.

Dark colours give the home a cool and lounge-like vibe. Yet, the space is well-lit thanks to the natural light streaming in from the full-height windows that also bring in a great city view.

Pinnacle@Duxton De Style

“While the couple living here liked the idea of a functional space that was clutter free, they were definitely not keen on a minimalist lifestyle, and will continue to accumulate more belongings as they grow into the space,” says Joanne.

The living area marries aesthetics with practical requirements, with maximum storage to cater to the owners’ needs. This includes a discreet unit to hide all their smart home related hubs and consoles.

Pinnacle@Duxton De Style

From the beginning, the couple had requested for a bar with space to house a full-height wine fridge, which they had already bought prior to the renovations.

“We decided to leave the bar open, and made it a greater point of interest via the introduction of different materials such as copper trimmings, bronze mirror and a quartz countertop,” Joanne explains.

Pinnacle@Duxton De Style

The island, which had been on the couple’s wish list, is where they do most of the cooking prep, as well as work and dine. “This is where they conduct their Zoom conference calls,” Joanne shares. “As one of the homeowners is tall, we catered for a taller island at 1 metre. This also works out, because one of the feng shui requirements was that the island had to block off the stove from the windows,” she continues.

Pinnacle@Duxton De Style

Despite the kitchen’s compact size, it is fully functional with all the amenities to be found in a larger kitchen. “We managed to fit in a full-sized oven, a microwave, a french door fridge, a bigger sink, and a combination induction and gas stove hob from Bosch to give the homeowners more flexibility for their cooking needs,” says Joanne.

Full-height sliding glass panels can be opened fully when socialising with intimate groups of family and friends, or be closed when cooking.

Pinnacle@Duxton De Style

To create a larger and more comfortable communal living space, the walls to a spare room were demolished. This area then became the dining zone with bronze mirrors inserted to further enhance the sense of space, and to reflect more light back into the unit.

Mood and overall ambience in the public quarters (living and dining area, kitchen and bar) can be controlled via smart home solutions. “Cove lights in the living/dining area are installed with Philips hue light strips that can change colour to enhance the audio and visual mood when the homeowners are watching a movie, singing karaoke or listening to music,” shares Joanne.

Pinnacle@Duxton De Style

Further in, the master bedroom features the same colour and material palette for a consistent design language. A retractable curtain also slides to the back of the door, and blocks off the master bathroom for feng shui reasons. “We have installed a mirror that slides out from the wardrobe, and rests on top of the half height dresser as no mirrors can be visible in the master bedroom,” Joanne adds.

Pinnacle@Duxton De Style

To meet the couple’s desire for a moodier looking master bathroom, the designer selected dark marble-look tiles for this space. Reflective silver toned mosaic tiles creates just the right balance, helping to brighten the interior. “It’s all about contrast and playing with texture and lighting here,” says Joanne.

With sensitivity to the the different needs and functions required in this flat, the designer has given the couple a home to enjoy the many different aspects of life.

De Style Interior

Joanne Tang, Designer/Interior Consultant

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