The Lookbox Edit 13: Dreamy bathroom products

Whether you live in a flat or a landed home, here are cool bathroom products to help you create that home spa experience you’ve been yearning for.

  • The Lookbox Edit 13: Dreamy bathroom products

Top image: Kohler Statement bathroom products
Text by Janice Seow

#1 Kohler Statement and Anthem collections

Imagine water droplets enhanced with air falling on your skin, and an infinity spray on your back to rinse and massage your body at the same time… the two latest bathroom collections from Kohler come together to offer these sensorial shower experiences described.

Bathroom products Kohler Statement collection
Kohler Statement collection

The new Statement collection of bathroom products is inspired by sleek design icons and soft approachable forms. As for function, there are no less than seven spray types. There’s an oblong shower head for a more enveloping entire body coverage, a warm-misting Cloud spray, Deep Massage, Full Coverage Rain, a dense, wide Sweep, angled cascading Ribbon Massage and an Infinity spray for a 3-zone experience that incorporates rinse, massage and coverage with interlaced shower streams.

The range includes a showerhead, four styles of hand showers, four unique rain heads, and two body sprays in a range of sizes and shapes. There are designs suited to bathrooms large and small, even HDB flats.

Bathroom products Kohler Anthem collection
Kohler Anthem collection

The second collection, Anthem, is a series of mechanical and digital valve controls. The designs take their cue from high-end furnishings and have a minimalist, sophisticated and tactile vibe, with an intuitive and easy-to-use touch-sensitive control surface for the digital valve version. Both Statement and Anthem collections are available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and brushed modern brass.


#2 AXOR One Colors

Bathroom products Axor One Color

If you’re looking to liven up your bathroom with mood-boosting colour, look no further than AXOR One Colors. In collaboration with Barber Osgerby, AXOR has now extended the range of colours in its AXOR One collection with a selected palette of coloured faucets and fixtures inspired by a specific set of naturally occurring interactions between light, colour and water.

Take your pick from these six lovely colours in gloss finish: Aquamarine’s blue-green captures the chromatic character for a calm sea; Coral is a warm, red-orange tone; Ice is a light, muted blue, seen in the layered blues of glaciers and sea ice; Stone is a strong grey, referenced from the intersection of land and sea; Shell is a cool greyish pink; and Sand is the colour of the shore, wet from the ebbing tide.

According to Barber Osgerby, the colours were chosen to “complement the widest range of bathroom finishes, from enamel and concrete, to marble and wood”.

Have you picked your favourite shade yet?


#3 Duravit D-Neo

Bathtub Duravit D-Neo

Duravit has collaborated with Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly to launch an affordable range of bathroom products aimed at younger customers. The designs in the D-Neo collection are all about straight lines and geometric shapes, and a highlight of the series is the free-standing DuraSolid® bathtub, which has a velvety look and feel. The tub measures 1600 millemetres in length, and the design is similar to the above-counter washbasins in the collection. The other products in the range include washbasins, bathroom furniture, faucets and toilets.

D-Neo has received various awards such as the iF Design Award 2022 and the Red Dot Award for Product Design.


#4 Grohe Allure Brilliant Icon 3D

Bathroom products Grohe Icon 3D

Launched back in 2021 but still just as cool, this sculptural Allure Brilliant Icon 3D faucet by Grohe is one of those designs that suspends belief, and makes you hold your breath as you wait to see the way the water flows.

The unique silhouette with a hollow interior is made possible with cutting-edge 3D metal-printing technology. Grohe is carried under LIXIL, and according to Antoine Besseyre Des Horts, Leader (VP), LIXIL Global Design, Asia, this new production method opens up “a completely new way of thinking about product design in the future” where it becomes possible to design faucets in small quantities according to the customer’s request with “no limits set for individual personalisation”.

This product retails for S$34,234.24 so it’s a luxury piece for those with deep pockets. But we can all dream!


#5 Dekton® Onirika and Kraftizen

Dekton Onirika Trance
Dekton Onirika – Trance

Complete your dream bathroom with these stunning new surfaces from Dekton. With Onirika, Cosentino has partnered with interior design powerhouse Nina Magon to create a marble-inspired collection in eight daring colourways. Says the designer: “We are not attempting to mimic any existing natural stone. With the Dekton technology, we are able to create our own colours and structures, bringing to life something that is unique, beautiful and irreplaceable.”

Dekton Onirika Trance
Dekton Onirika – Trance

The second collection, Kraftizen, comprises five colours in rich, deep textures. They are reminiscent of Venetian stucco, and being rooted in minimalism and versatility, bring serenity into any space.

Dekton Kraftizen
Dekton Kraftizen – Umber and Nacre

Dekton ultracompact surfaces are not only impervious to scratches, stains, UV rays, fire and heat, but are also certified carbon neutral from cradle to grave. The versatile material can be applied to many different areas of the home such as the bathroom, kitchen, and living space.

Dekton by Cosentino

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