HOOGA’s TENCEL™ bedding: Next-level comfort

Unbelievably soft and ultra-breathable, here are the top TENCEL™ bedding picks from HOOGA to plush up your bed with. Promos run till end July!

  • HOOGA’s TENCEL™  bedding: Next-level comfort

Top image, from left: Pearson bedding and Leanne bedding
Text by Disa Tan

In our hot and humid climate, it’s a true relief to snuggle with an incredibly cooling bedding material that won’t let you sleep warm. TENCELTM — made from fibres of sustainable natural wood resources — is renowned for its natural breathability and can comfortably wick away excess moisture to keep you cool and dry all day and night.

Besides efficient moisture absorption, TENCELTM offers buttery softness and silky comfort which feels amazing on skin. The goodness doesn’t end here; TENCELTM is wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable — qualities that busy households will surely appreciate. With proper care and maintenance, it will retain its plush quality to bring you many years of luxurious slumber.

For the ultimate sleeping experience, check out HOOGA’s range of TENCELTM bedding products, and put together the bed of your dreams with these recommendations. * Also, don’t miss the special July discounts, details below!

Pearson & Leanne Bedding Collection (top image)

These two collections offer the options of a quilt cover set or fitted sheet set and are available in solid colours for Pearson, and small geometric patterns/dobby weave for Leanne. Pearson is made from a blend of cotton and ultra-fine TENCELTM fibres which deliver smooth and cooling comfort, while Leanne comprises TENCELTM Modal fibres which exhibit exquisite softness and strength.

Faythe Quilt Cover Collection

Faythe Tencel bedding Hooga

The two-sided design of this quilt cover allows you to alternate between modern prints or calming colours. This collection comes in various designs and is made from TENCELTM Modal fibres of temperature-regulating properties to keep hot nights at bay.

Belle Silk Memory Feel Pillow

Belle tencel pillow Hooga

Experience layers of premium comfort with Belle’s memory fibres and pure silk pillow. The pillow core is further encased in a shell made of TENCELTM Lyocell fibres which offers luxurious smoothness, great moisture control and enhanced breathability.

Alicia Medium Microfibre Pillow

Alicia pillow Hooga

Clad in TENCELTM branded fibres, this pillow of medium firmness yields smooth textures with a natural suppleness to support your sleeping posture. 

Daniela Microfibre Bolster & Bella Silk Quilt

Daniela Bella bedding

The plush bolster moulds gently to your body, and features FWALINE fibres that deliver the ultimate comfort level of firmness and softness. Pile on the luxury with the Bella Silk Quilt, which is filled with 100 per cent silk and is exceptionally soft, airy and lightweight. The quilt also features TENCELTM branded fibres, making it even more cool and sumptuously smooth.

* Enjoy 20% off HOOGA TENCELTM Bed Linen & TENCELTM Bedding Accessories, and 10% off sleepwear in stores and on the official website from now till 31 July 2022.

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