Watch: A designer’s ‘studio apartment’ inside a Semi-D

Tour the 600-square-foot bedroom of MONOCOT founder Mikael Teh. It’s a self-contained ‘studio apartment’ set within a semi-detached house!

Home Type: Bedroom in semi-d

Floor Area: 600sqft

Text by Janice Seow

Mikael Teh’s bedroom is so much more than a place to rest – it’s a self-contained ‘studio apartment’ with its own living room, pantry and workspace.

The award-winning architectural designer and founder of MONOCOT has turned the 600-square-foot master bedroom in his family’s 30-year-old semi-d into his personal sanctuary, and it’s even made for entertaining friends.

Previously one large, single space, Mikael has converted the room into three distinct zones: the front is a semi-public area (living room), the middle is a semi-private wardrobe and pantry space, and the back is the private sleeping quarters and workspace.

semi-d Monocot bedroom

The room is designed with different cosy pockets of space where the Mikael can hang out and relax. The designer has also used colour artfully, coordinating different shades for visual cohesion and a pleasing atmosphere.

As an art lover, he has filled his room with lots of artworks that he’s collected in his travels, and he frequently rotates them so the space looks different each time.

Mikael Teh Monocot

Mikael has a love for Danish furniture, which started when he spotted the CH25 chair by Hans Wegner on a trip to Europe in his teens. It was the first piece of designer furniture that he bought when he could afford to, and he continues to grow his collection, working closely with original vintage Scandinavian furniture supplier Noden to source for pieces to add to his collection.

Semi-d Monocot bedroom

The fine details may go unnoticed to the untrained eye, but Mikael has worked with his builder Just Build to ensure that everything in the room aligns nicely, which also minimises wastage during renovation.

The designer believes in only building the essential, and letting the home grow organically with items that are personal and that add meaning to the space. His home is the definition of this where artworks, furniture and accessories from his travels add colour to this bright and airy ‘studio apartment’ within a semi-d.


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