Watch: This one-of-a-kind flat is like a colourful art gallery

The unusual combination of materials and colours as well as striking furniture pieces in this three-room flat creates a visually captivating interior that’s truly unexpected. Take a look inside!

Text by Janice Seow

The owner of an old three-room resale flat wanted a one-of-a-kind residence that would stand out like a work of art, and decided to engage Joey Khu ID to give the space a complete transformation.

The idea was to create a minimalist interior where materiality, colours and objects would take centre stage as well as showcase touches of the homeowner’s personality.

colourful HDB flat

Steel is the star material in this project and stretches boldly across the main living space and in other parts of the home. Dark stained elm wood adds richness and warmth, while limewash walls bring in depth and texture.

colourful HDB flat

Designer furniture as well as custom pieces (like the irregularly shaped dining table) are mostly vibrantly coloured or highly sculptural like works of art. They define the home and give it a distinctive character. Artworks are also well curated to match the theme and are the finishing touch to what is a most singular and unexpected residence.

colourful HDB flat

One room has been demolished and the space reconfigured to make it more spacious and to ensure that there is better light penetration into the flat. The new layout is now more spatially efficient and able to better cater to the homeowner’s lifestyle and needs. It also gives the flexibility to experiment with different furniture arrangements, and move things around depending on preference.

The kitchen carries a similar colour and material palette and even displays a piece of modern artwork on the wall. Further in, the reconfigured bathroom now features a separate shower and WC for greater convenience. The main former has a split layout to separate the luxurious vanity area from the shower room, allowing for a proper space dedicated to grooming.

Even as a place of rest, the bedroom stands out with its colourful furniture (including a custom blue stainless bedframe), atmospheric lighting, and its bold material choices. It is visually stunning and serene, and a perfect example of ‘art meets life’.

colourful HDB flat

Joey Khu ID

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