Dark minimalism for an understated family abode

Minimalism may not necessarily appear to be the most welcoming style, but Joey Khu ID turns it around in this condo with an elevated feel of cosy elegance.

  • Dark minimalism for an understated family abode

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,600sqft

Text by Disa Tan

For this family of four based overseas, coming home to Singapore is a sumptuous affair in their newly-renovated condo in the west. “They like the look of luxury,” says the team at Joey Khu ID whose design ethos matched the homeowners’ preferred style. With this project, the designers did not stick to the conventional look of opulence and instead looked to create a sleek and minimalist home.  

luxe minimalism Joey Khu ID

They say: “Minimalism doesn’t have to be soulless.” Through a darker colour and material scheme, the designers put together a warm and elegant look for the living area. The existing flooring was also not suited for the proposed design, and has since been replaced with large-format homogeneous tiles in a luxury stone pattern. Other tweaks include reassessing the original layout of the living area. With the entrance of the bedroom facing it, the team felt it posed as quite a visual distraction. They thus camouflaged the doorway with laminate wall cladding.

luxe minimalism Joey Khu ID

A two-tone laminate treatment has been applied to the television console. On the contrasting laminate motifs, the team says: “Having everything in the same design looks flat and uninspiring. This subtle distinction draws out visual interest and a sense of dimension.” 

luxe minimalism Joey Khu ID

As there was an empty corner in the layout, the flow from the living area to the dining zone felt disjointed. Therefore, a peninsula counter has been proposed to fill that spot and bridge the connection.  

curved kitchen counter

The team says: “The counter adds a harmonious balance between both zones aesthetically, and the homeowners are glad to have extra countertop space for gathering around and for food prep.”

curved kitchen counter

Built for socialising, the curved countertop sports fluted details at the rounded sides. Functionality has also been considered by the team with the thoughtful integration of built-in storage and a wine chiller. 

dark dining area

Besides the design, the team was given free rein when it came to the selection of the furniture and decor pieces. They explain: “The homeowners were mostly away during the renovation, and they trusted our eye on selecting the key pieces.” In the dining area which is near the private lift, the darker wall colour scheme is softened by wallpaper with a textile-looking design.

luxe minimalism Joey Khu ID

In their interpretation of minimalism for this apartment, colour bestows a softer touch to the simple details in the master bedroom. Case in point: the bespoke headboard with symmetrical strokes.

luxe minimalism Joey Khu ID

Bringing out the calm in the room are beautiful clean lines on the carpentry works. These rectilinear forms hide useful storage and also heighten the visual scale of the space.

study and wardrobe

One of the bedrooms has been turned into a walk-in wardrobe with a study. It is linked to the master bedroom for easier access.

luxe vanity

The master bathroom has been completely overhauled with new large-format tiles in a dark natural stone colour and it conjures a space of grand expanse. Seamless touches like the recessed lighting set within the vanity mirror add to the statement look.


Like other bedrooms, the existing flooring in the son’s bedroom was stained a darker hue to fulfil the dusky colour scheme of the home. A sleek ensemble of study and storage amenities is timeless enough to take the occupant through his growing years.


The decor for the son’s bedroom was selected by the homeowners’ son himself. From there, the designers matched the rest of the room with his favourite pieces.

Joey Khu ID

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