Invisible boundaries in a five-room resale flat

Melding stark lines with textural richness from artworks and wood-look finishes, AMP Design Co. enriches this minimalist home with a soulful warmth.

  • Invisible boundaries in a five-room resale flat

Text by Disa Tan

Project type: 5-room HDB flat
Floor area: 1,200sqft

This resale flat is both cosy and minimalist, thanks to the artful balance of textures and colours that AMP Design Co.’s Design Director Amanda Pang has put together. Lending richness to the home’s pristine white walls are meticulously crafted fixtures such as the floating television console in the living area, which features 45-degree sloped panels as a beautiful, patterned detail.

resale flat

The homeowners were keen on having plenty of open areas for entertaining, and so Amanda introduced a flexible open floor plan using sliding and bi-fold doors. She says: “The homeowners are newlyweds and busy professionals who enjoy hosting occasionally.” The sliding doors at the kitchen and foyer can be closed off or kept open to create a much larger communal space.

resale flat

Comprising three glass panels in alternating designs, the sliding doors create a minimalist statement. They bring a sense of privacy, especially with the ribbed glass panels obscuring the inside view of the flat from prying eyes. The doors also serve the practical purpose of containing the cooking fumes in the kitchen while hiding the entrance to the newly created storeroom.

resale flat

For the open-concept kitchen, Amanda decided on a minimalist pairing with matching backsplash and countertop surfaces. Full-height cabinets were also incorporated in the kitchen to house the appliances and even a storage water heater. Having ample storage and in a neat and streamlined arrangement helps to keep the space clutter-free and organised.

AMP Design Co. project

This 50-year-old resale flat comes with charming elements such as a popcorn ceiling which has been retained. It can be seen in the dining area and has been painted a darker tone to set this space apart. With open-plan living extended to the private resting areas, a set of folding doors blur the boundary between the communal zones and the master bedroom. In the latter, a concealed door also leads into a gym area.

A two-tone treatment has been selected for the custom cabinetry in the study. The matte laminate finishes on the full-height cabinet exudes a calming aesthetic, which aligns with the home’s warm minimalist theme. A strip design detail on the cabinet surface adds some personality to the overall look.

Facing structural columns and low-lying beams that sticked out like a sore thumb in this old resale flat, Amanda expertly integrated them into the new open- plan configuration for the study. The glass sliding doors that encase the study are housed neatly within the columns and the sliding tracks run along the beams.

AMP Design Co. project

Keeping the backdrop of the master bedroom simple yet sleek, Amanda chose an asymmetrical design detail to grace the feature wall and headboard. Warm light emanating from it enhances the serene ambience. Hidden within the wardrobe is the doorway to the en-suite bathroom and this seamless detail keeps the visual distractions in the room to a minimum.

To accommodate a more spacious vanity and dry area, the master bathroom has been expanded. The newly enlarged configuration sees a structural beam visually impacting the overall look of the bathroom, but Amanda has addressed this by making it a part of the shelving and cove lighting design.

AMP Design Co.

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