5 Smeg ovens that take home cooking to gourmet levels

The new range of Galileo ovens from Smeg is a total game-changer. Here are our top picks.

  • 5 Smeg ovens that take home cooking to gourmet levels

Text by Disa Tan

Not everyone is a pro at cooking, but Smeg aims to change that with Galileo, a new generation of ovens that make nutritious home cooking easy and efficient for even the most novice cook.

Boasting professional algorithms to create an intuitive user experience, these ovens will have you enjoying gourmet meals at home. They are also multifunctional, and their three cooking modes – traditional, steam and microwave – will wow your guests with their professional cooking results. Along with 150 smart cooking recipes, these multi-cooking ovens under the Omnichef and Steam100PRO series can cook multiple foods at once to save time.

Smeg Galileo ovens

Of course, packing tons of cooking modes and features in one sleek oven is another bonus for those lacking in countertop space. Discover how Galileo can elevate your kitchen game with these five ovens to suit individual cooking needs and preferences.

Galileo oven

Omnichef: The powerful all-in-one oven

Leading the Galileo range is Omnichef, a technological breakthrough by being the first in the market to offer traditional cooking, steam and microwave technology all in one mighty oven. Known as Smeg’s revolutionary Multicooking technology, these three functions can be used simultaneously to cut down cooking time by up to 70%. It also provides a total of 7-in-1 cooking combinations to unleash maximum flexibility in the kitchen.

Smeg Galileo

Through the multistep function, select up to three different cooking methods to occur at the same time. That means you can simply toss all the ingredients needed in say a basic pasta dish and let the Omnichef work its multicooking magic. For instance, assisted steam cooks the pasta, microwave speeds up the cooking and lastly, traditional grill will give the shredded cheese topping a lovely golden-brown char. Just imagine the time and effort it’ll save in cooking a full course meal!

Truly the ultimate in versatility, the Omnichef can also sous vide, air-fry, stone cook, barbecue and bakers will love its pulsed steam function which churns out melt-in-the-mouth confections. Its sleek facade actually hides a two-litre water tank, where water can be refilled without opening the door and interrupting the cooking cycle.

Steam100PRO: High-performance combi-steam oven

Don’t need the microwave feature but still want an equally hardworking oven? The Steam100PRO offers traditional cooking and boasts 10 steam functions with saturation levels till 100% for healthy and fat-free cooking. This leading model of the Combi-Steam ovens has special functions such as Sous Vide, Airfy, Stone, BBQ and a three-level pulsed steam feature. It is also armed with the multistep technology and 150 smart cooking recipes to ace cooking. 

Similar to the Omnichef, the Steam100PRO also comes with a Multi-point probe to get the exact temperature from the core to the surface of the ingredient, detecting the internal temperature in a precise way.

Galileo oven

A generous two-litre tank supports up to 13 hours of gentle and low temperature cooking. Expect maximum energy efficiency and precision in cooking with the Steam100PRO’s professional functions and algorithms.

Steam100: Enhanced combi-steam oven with cooking precision

Also equipped with features like sous vide cooking, barbecue, stone cooking and air frying, the Steam100 whips up healthy and savoury dishes with steam saturation up to 100%. This is well-executed by its 800ml tank allowing up to 6 hours of flavourful cooking. The four steam functions provide more culinary possibilities and its high steam saturation is ideal for 100% fat-free cooking on fish and meat. By identifying and setting the right temperature with its Single-point probe function, fish, roasts and various cuts of meat can be cooked to precision

Smeg SteamOne

SteamOne: Bake-friendly combi-steam oven

Lock in flavour and nutrients in dishes through the SteamOne’s traditional cooking mode with steam assisted baking, and with a steam range between 20% and 40%. This steam function is great for baked goods and pizza as the confections remain soft on the inside, and crispy and golden outside. The fast-loading 800ml tank system dispenses up to 6 hours of fuss-free cooking.

Smeg oven SpeedWaveXL

SpeedwaveXL: Combi-microwave oven with spacious capacity

One of Smeg’s largest combi-microwave ovens to date with its 60cm platform, the SpeedwaveXL is both generous in capacity and cooking functions. The 68-litre oven offers five cooking levels and can cut preparation time by up to 40%. Its innovative Inverter and Stirrer technologies ensure consistent cooking, and the double chimney feature creates a special airflow inside the cavity to reduce condensation while cooking.

Reducing thermal stress for delicate ingredients, these dedicated functions will appeal to those looking to be savvier in the kitchen. For instance POP churns out tasty home-popped popcorn, MELT thaws soft ingredients like butter and chocolate, and SOFT defrosts ice cream at the right consistency.


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