CNY shopping at Hooga: 10 things to pick!

Looking for easy ways to spruce up your home this Chinese New Year? Here are great products from Hooga to add to your shopping bag.

  • CNY shopping at Hooga: 10 things to pick!

Text by Janice Seow

#1 Add colour with the Ralphson Gereon bed linen

Bring colour and cheer into your bedroom this CNY with the Ralphson Gereon 100 per cent cotton sateen bed linen (top image). It’s amazing how something as simple as a fresh change of sheets can transform the entire vibe of a room.

*All bed linen from Hooga at 20% off in stores and on the official website from 4 Jan 2022

#2 Snuggle up with the Wane blanket

Wane blanket

Something for Nordic lovers, the Wane blanket keeps you nice and warm in bed. It can wrap comfortably around your shoulders when you curl up in your favourite corner with a good book, and also be used as a stylish throw. We can’t think of anything more useful and multifunctional. Available in smart neutrals, as well as vibrant red and fresh green.

#3 Something different with the Duncon cushion

Duncan cushion

Bored of standard cushion shapes? Try something different this CNY with the triangular Duncon cushion that both kids and guests will love. It’s playful and whimsical and adds a dash of festive colour to the home.

#4 Keep things neat with the Audrey trinket box

Hooga Audrey trinket box

It’s all about the fine details with the Audrey trinket box. This is a perfectly elegant way to showcase your precious things while keeping your table surface neat and tidy.

#5 Store your oranges in the Ximone fruit tote bag

Hooga Ximone fruit tote

So you’ve got loads and loads of oranges all ready for CNY. Rather than store them in boxes or hide them in the fridge, why not place them in these super stylish Ximone fruit tote bags instead and hang them in your kitchen? These colourful carriers can also be taken with you when you go visiting.

#6 Sleep well on Rayvon Talore bed linen

Hooga Talore bed linen

These Rayvon bed linens come in several beautiful design options, so there’s something for everyone. We’re loving the distressed look of this design (top) – it channels lovely relaxed Sunday vibes and is the definition of casual chic.

**All bed linen from Hooga at 20% off in stores and on the official website from 4 Jan 2022

#7 Enjoy style options with Nat blanket

Hooga Nat blanket

The best blankets are ones that offer great comfort and look good to boot. Nat blanket from Hooga has both in spades. It wraps around you snugly and is soft to the touch, and what’s more, the front and back are in different complementary colours so you can change up the look to suit your mood and the style of your room.

#8 Display your trinkets in the Zephyr jewellery box

Zephyr trinket box

Keep your favourite accessories neat and organised but still nicely displayed on your dresser. The Zephyr jewellery box is a simple design so attention goes to all the sparklies inside. Easy compartments take the guesswork out of finding what you need.

#9 Sweet dreams with Klein Ceiba Comfort cotton pillow

Hooga pillow

Get your beauty sleep and wake up feeling refreshed to face the day with the Klein Ceiba Comfort cotton pillow from Hooga. Naturally soft and lofty, it conforms to your sleeping positions ensuring great comfort and support. The purity of the natural cotton also offers allergy protection, making it the perfect comfortable and hygienic choice.

*10% off on all regular priced pillows in stores and on the official website from 7 – 10 Jan 2022

#10 Enjoy the plushy feel of the Chloe towel


After an invigorating shower, dry off with the super plush Chloe towel from Hooga. They come in so many colour options to brighten your bathroom, and your mood.

*10% off on all regular priced towels in stores and on the official website from 7 – 10 Jan 2022

Shop for these and more product at Hooga today!

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