The future of kitchens is here with TIMELESS from Alustil

Expect futureproof materials and customisable aesthetics from TIMELESS, a kitchen series by Alustil and German architect Chris Bosse.

  • The future of kitchens is here with TIMELESS from Alustil

Text by Disa Tan

When it comes to the kitchen of tomorrow, Alustil and Chris Bosse have envisioned a sleek but strong kitchen designed to last. Their first collaboration integrates Alustil’s solid workmanship with Chris’s architecture and design expertise – a rare honour considering the latter is a key designer of the award-winning Watercube, the Beijing National Aquatic Centre for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Here’s how TIMELESS, their joint kitchen concept, pushes bold frontiers in kitchen design, function and material performance.

TIMELESS from Alustil

#1 Ultra-modern lines

Garnering Gold in the 2021 A’Design Award certainly speaks volumes about the clean-lined aesthetics of TIMELESS from Alustil. These iconic vertical lines are inspired by water streaming down a window. Embellishing different aspects of the kitchen such as the shelves, handles, surface engravings and pendant light, these organic-looking lines seem to echo the natural element of water streams.

#2 Design glow-up

Another design highlight with TIMELESS is its pops of colour, which is a customisable feature. It comes in Lava Green, Chris’s signature design accent. This geometrical accent light in an eye-catching shade outlines the cookspace with a stunning linear glow. Other distinct design features that complement this elegantly modern style are mirrored splashbacks, coloured edges, concealed doors and slim worktops.

TIMELESS from Alustil

#3 High-performance material

On a whole, a well-utilised kitchen needs to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Alustil kitchens are engineered to last in heavy-duty kitchens and TIMELESS comprises Alustil’s very own patented base cabinet, the Huracan carcase system. Constructed from solid extruded aluminium and unlike standard kitchen systems mostly made from particleboard and MDF, its renowned structural strength makes it quite possibly the toughest kitchen cabinet system ever put together. Amazingly resilient and recyclable as well, it’s a sustainable kitchen setup that will serve you well for a long time to come.

#4 Well-crafted and customisable details

Practicality has been well-considered with TIMELESS’s Huracan carcase system, especially with cabinet features like adjustable shelf heights and edgeless inner corners. This allows you to enjoy a kitchen which can adapt to your changing needs, and is a breeze to clean. Speaking of adaptability, there are also options to customise the cabinet sizes according to your own kitchen space and needs. 


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