5 rugs that will magically transform your space

The right rug can truly reinvigorate your space. Here, we handpick five amazing ones from Tappeti fine handcrafted rugs + carpets that do just that.

  • 5 rugs that will magically transform your space

Text by Airis Abdullah

Rugs come in all sorts of colours, patterns and textures, and can therefore easily be used to reinvigorate your space.

These colourful rugs and carpets from Tappeti are offered in various fibres including wool, nettle, hemp and art silk, with each designed to create different moods and ambiences to suit your interior. All are handcrafted by experienced and skilled artisans using techniques that have been passed down through the generations. Here we pick our top five.

#1 A boost of dynamism

Tappeti Faded Neon

It’s never a dull moment with Faded Neon. Bringing the liveliness of watercolour paints to create movement in the rug design, Faded Neon brings positive energy to shared spaces like the dining and living areas. Tappeti makes Faded Neon available in various qualities and manufacturing options, including hand-tufting and hand-knotting, and the pieces can be produced in any colour, size or shape.

#2 Play on gradients

Tappeti Gradient

The aptly named Gradient rug is a luxurious display of softly blended colours that’s perfect for any space, whether it is the living room, home office or bedroom. Go for understated elegance with gradients from light to dark or a blend of different colours if you prefer something bolder. Available in custom sizing.

#3 Structured style

Tappeti rugs Logora

In one solid colour, Logora is all about masculine refinement. Using Tappeti’s tapered design as a starting point, this piece features diamond shapes hand-carved by artisans where the design eschews uniformity. The deliberately unfinished pattern produces a deconstructed look that fits nicely in modern interiors. Available in custom sizing and colours.

#4 Vibrant and fun

Tappeti rugs Pleated

Pleated Silk is reminiscent of a dry riverbed or a topography map. With fine organic lines in zesty colours, this versatile design can instantly brighten up a space, be it the living room or the children’s nursery. Available in stock sizes and custom sizes.

#5 Go luxe

Tappeti Pokhara_rugs

A plush rug with a distinctive design, Pokhara is hand-knotted in nettle, Tibetan highland wool and art silk. Available in custom sizing, Pokhara features varying pile heights to imbue a cosy tactile experience and a luxe look that’s ideal for any space.


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