Work smart, not hard with the BLANCO UNIT

Packed with impressive practicality, the BLANCO UNIT’s strategic workstation approach will keep you on top of your kitchen game.

  • Work smart, not hard with the BLANCO UNIT

Text by Disa Tan

The struggle is real when it comes to juggling kitchen duties like cooking, prepping and washing up. What if all it takes is a streamlined kitchen system to ease smoothly into the process? Targeted at kitchen users from novice to experienced home cooks, the BLANCO UNIT is an integrated workstation with a sink, mixer tap and waste management system. Each element boasts thoughtful capabilities and works collectively for higher kitchen productivity.

Blanco unit

ETAGON: More room for every kitchen need

Whether you’re short on space or time, the ETAGON sink provides a compact work area that is large on function. With innovative add-ons like the ETAGON rails, the sink area comprises an integrated step to introduce extra worktop space. This multi-level bowl concept carves out enough room for you to tackle various chores all at once to save effort and time.

Blanco unit

High-quality drainage features like the covered C-overflow™ and InFino™ drain system are tastefully integrated within the ETAGON sink. These easy-to-maintain details add to the sleek aesthetic and efficiency of the sink.

Blanco unit

Water enjoyment straight from the EVOL-S PRO Filter

No need for a bulky water dispenser with the EVOL-S PRO Filter, a 3-in-1 semi-pro mixer tap that offers cold, warm and filtered water. It has a separate outlet for purified drinking water so there’s no mixing with the mains water.


The high-end BWT multi-stage filter reduces limescale for great-tasting drinking water, so your family will be back for refills. There’s also a dual spray feature for more convenient wash-ups, and a precise magnetic holder to dock the spray easily in place.


If you need a precise amount of water for beverages or cooking, the Click & Touch button dispenses the exact amount of filtered water via the accurate scaling wheel. This intuitive touch control brings a user-friendly element to water enjoyment. The EVOL-S PRO Filter is available in PVD steel and matte black to match most sink setups.

Fuss-free waste sorting with BOTTON II 30/2


What lurks under the sink is never a pleasant sight but the BOTTON II 30/2 will bring a calming order beneath. This concealed waste management system for hinged-door base cabinets provides a well-planned organisation of collecting or separating waste. Though compact in size, it offers a large waste volume with removable bins easily accessed through fully-extendable rails. Installation of its stable U-shaped steel sheet frame is also straightforward with a flexible placement, and by securing it to the base with four screws. 


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