4 ways your kitchen can shine with BLANCO

In appealing colours and with well-designed features, BLANCO’s ensemble of sinks and mixer taps will up your kitchen game.

  • 4 ways your kitchen can shine with BLANCO

Text by Disa Tan

Think that the kitchen sink is purely utilitarian? Not when you’ve discovered BLANCO’s statement-making Silgranit bowls and mixer taps. The German company’s passion for kitchens has run deep for nearly 100 years, and their experts have thought of everything when it comes to product functionality and design.

Blanco Silgranit sink
Naya sink in the Silgranit series from BLANCO

#1 Colour comes to the kitchen

From warm neutrals to classic monochromes, BLANCO’s Silgranit sinks come in tasteful colours to suit every kitchen aesthetic. There are even matching mixer taps in Silgranit colours, or you could get adventurous with a contrasting colour combination for added impact.  

Blanco Silgranit sink
Naya sink in the Silgranit series from BLANCO

#2 Beauty from within

Silgranit is made from a composite material of around 80 per cent quartz sand, which makes it one of the most hardwearing and resilient materials for kitchen sinks. It stands up well to scratches, stains, chips and high temperatures, and its non-porous surface repels water and dirt for easy cleaning. Velvety to the touch, you’ll love running your fingers across the stone-like surface.

Naya XL 9 sink
Naya sink in the Silgranit series from BLANCO

#3 Spacious bowls for extra versatility

Size matters when it comes to the sink bowl and you’ll appreciate the generous proportions of BLANCO’s Naya unit in the Silgranit series. Wider and deeper, the Naya XL 9 allows room to juggle prep work and heavy wash-ups simultaneously. Thoughtful design details like soft internal corners make light work out of cleaning such a large bowl.  Smaller bowl sizes or double bowls are also available for kitchens of different sizes and configurations.

Linus-S tap
LINUS-S mixer tap from BLANCO

#4 Sleek and multi-functional mixer taps 

Taps play an equally important role as sinks so you would want one that not only looks great with your sink, but that can perform different purposes throughout the day. Beyond its minimalistic design, the LINUS-S mixer tap from BLANCO packs a punch with its L-shaped pull-out spout. The extendable spray head and high tap spout bring more convenience to everyday wash-ups and prove useful in cleaning or filling up large pots, pans and vases.

FONTAS-S II filter mixer tap from BLANCO

BLANCO also offers FONTAS-S II, a filter mixer tap that can dispense filtered and unfiltered water out of its pull-out spout. This space-saving tap has a separate water circuit for filtered water which ensures no mixture with the mains water. That means you can literally drink straight from the tap with peace of mind.


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