Fresh drinking water anytime on tap

Enjoy seamless access to warm, cold or filtered water through the BLANCO UNIT’s EVOL-S PRO Filter – a must-have for every modern kitchen.

  • Fresh drinking water anytime on tap

Text by Disa Tan

Quenching your thirst should be as easy as turning on the tap to get a drink. That’s why the BLANCO UNIT has the EVOL-S PRO Filter – a water filter that can be installed right to the mixer tap, turning standard tap water into refined drinking water. Besides, no one wants a bulky water filter system crowding their precious countertop space. Here are more ways the EVOL-S PRO Filter brings convenience to your kitchen routine.

BLANCO water filter

It dispenses water instantaneously and in precise amounts

Staying hydrated has never been more fuss-free, especially with the EVOL-S PRO Filter serving cold, warm or filtered water through its 3-in-1 semi-pro mixer tap. It comes with an intuitive touch control and volume scaling wheel that dispenses filtered water at the exact amount you need. That means no more wasting water or measuring water manually for that recipe or pot of tea. Rest assured that the filtered water and unfiltered water flow separately from different outlets, so they will not mix, and hygiene is assured.

It has a space-saving and powerful filter system

The EVOL-S PRO Filter comes in PVD steel or matte black that go well with most sink setups. Speaking of seamless pairings, it is equipped with the BLANCO Drink Filter Soft, a multi-stage filter that is cleverly hidden at the base counter, thereby freeing up valuable countertop space.

The high-performance purification system features a multi-stage process that eliminates odours, heavy metal content, limescale, decontaminants and even the tiniest particles. This intensive filtering process serves high-quality, fresher and great-tasting drinking water that you can count on. Furthermore, having less limescale build-up in your coffee machine, kettle and other kitchen appliances during washups will extend their service life and save you on some laborious cleaning.

It is part of a well-planned sink ensemble

Boost the efficiency of the EVOL-S PRO Filter and your own kitchen routine with the inclusion of the ETAGON multi-level bowl. This highly functional tiered sink features an integrated step that can be paired with the ETAGON rail to give you more surface to do the dishes or prepare food.

Complete your sink ensemble with the BOTTON II 30/2, a waste management system that can be completely hidden beneath the sink cabinet. Ideal for hinged-door base cabinets, it offers a generous waste volume despite its compact dimensions. Waste can also be easily sorted or emptied with the removable bins through a comfortable full extension.

With an organised waste system, a hardworking sink bowl and a mixer tap with an intuitive water filter, this streamlined kitchen system known collectively as the BLANCO UNIT will set you up for ultimate productivity and convenience in the kitchen


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