The kitchen is the heart of the home in this three-bedroom apartment

Life revolves around the kitchen in this relaxed and family-friendly dwelling designed by HEI Architects

  • The kitchen is the heart of the home in this three-bedroom apartment

Text by Janice Seow
Photography by Studio Periphery

The once closed-off kitchen in this three-bedroom, 975-square-foot apartment is now an open space and the centre of day-to-day life for a family of four. It’s also the perfect spot for intimate social gatherings when company calls.

three-bedroom apartment HEI Architects

“The brief was to design a kitchen and dining space that would be open and connected to the living room so that the owners would be able to monitor their toddlers when they were playing,” says Christopher Chow of HEI Architects.

three-bedroom apartment HEI Architects

“At the same time the couple wanted a restful and cafe-like environment where they could relax and enjoy family time. They also love to host, and as they enjoy their wine, made a request to have an area to display their wine collection,” Christopher continues.

Beyond simply demolishing kitchen walls to open up the home, Christopher shares that the design considered the gradual spatial progression, functionally and visually, “from the more functional operations in the kitchen towards the more relaxed living room, with the dining/servery counter in the middle as the transitional space”.

three-bedroom apartment HEI Architects

This transitional space also comes with storage that keeps dining essentials conveniently close yet out of sight. It’s also conducive for entertaining, with coffee machines, wine and crystal glassware within easy reach on display shelves next to the servery/dining area.

three-bedroom apartment HEI Architects

While the brief called for the use of a variety of materials and textures, it was important to the designer to find the right balance and proportions for a harmonious look and feel in this three-bedroom apartment. In this case, rattan textures, chevron wood patterns, terrazzo and deep sage green hues come together harmoniously to create a home that’s warm, welcoming and comforting. The generous use of natural materials or ones suggestive of nature also tie in with the owners’ love of the outdoors.

three-bedroom apartment HEI Architects

Work on the rest of the three-bedroom apartment was kept quite minimal, yet were important. Flooring, wall and ceiling treatments, as well as lighting proposals were done up to provide the desired backdrop for the loose pieces of furniture that the homeowners intended to personally select and style their home with. The apartment’s two bathrooms, which originally followed a darker theme, were given a brighter and cleaner outlook that harmonises with the rest of this relaxed dwelling.

three-bedroom apartment HEI Architects

HEI Architects

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Bathroom tiles from Ricefields
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