A terrace house with a large and airy kitchen

Through massive spatial reconfiguration, AP Concept transforms this property into a space for quiet interests and sociable moments.

  • A terrace house with a large and airy kitchen

Text by Airis Abdullah

For an individual with a demanding profession and quiet interests, home is to be a place that allows the spaciousness of mind and spirit. Thankfully, home for this owner is a three-storey inter-terrace house. He called upon Raymond Ho from AP Concept to reimagine the spaces to suit his lifestyle.

entrance to house

The radical changes Raymond had made to the interiors are hardly evident from the entrance. All that is seen is the mix of soft blue and green, which signals tranquility at the doorstep. The reeded glass door is a consistent element in the home.

terrace house kitchen

“Space planning is essential as the owner likes adequate space,” Raymond shares. The kitchen door, for instance, was moved, which changed the spatial experience dramatically. The living area was converted into a room. The bathroom on the first floor, too, was extended.

terrace house kitchen

With the relocated kitchen entrance, the greenery outside comes in full view as one enters the kitchen. Adding an awning with a translucent roof lends it an alfresco vibe, made more pronounced by its height. The dining area sits on an elevated section, giving an unblocked view of the trees outside. With the overhaul, the design team took extra care to accommodate appliances in a way that does not draw attention.

terrace house kitchen

“The kitchen is more than a space for cooking. It is also a place for chilling out. It’s a huge transformation from the original,” Raymond explains. While it is airy and bright with natural light, the kitchen exudes warmth due to the brown finishes and visual textures. The bar stools decked out in bright colours uplift the ambience further.

master bedroom

The colour palette takes a masculine turn in the master bedroom but retains warmth with the use of bronze-coloured metal inlays on the wardrobe. Reconfiguring the layout also made it possible to accommodate a king size bed.

white bathroom

Another significant change made was to the first floor bathroom. Instead of limiting the design to the original bathroom space, the adjacent storeroom was made part of the whole bathroom. The larger bathroom now houses a sauna and steam room.

white bathroom

In addition to the backlit mirror and storage area, the design team incorporated an ample vanity area with more storage underneath. The bathroom, like the rest of this terrace house, is designed for comfort and convenience.

AP Concept

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