The Lookbox Edit 12: Latest appliances and more

Here’s a roundup of the latest products designed for better health and smarter homes.

  • The Lookbox Edit 12: Latest appliances and more

Text by Janice Seow

#1 Samsung dishwashers for better cleaning

Samsung has added a new category of appliance to its product offering – dishwashers. They come with a slew of great features too, for more efficient, convenient and hygienic cleaning.

There’s the Hygiene Care option, which extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70°C for a more thorough clean to eliminate 99.999% of bacteria. The Auto Door Open feature enables the door to automatically open at the end of the washing cycle to allow a 10cm space for steam to escape so items can dry faster. The interior has also been specially designed to help users better manage the washing load. With the Smart Dishwasher model, users can personalise the washing experience too, and remotely start the cleaning cycle and monitor the status on their smartphone. They can even speed up the cleaning cycle if pressed for time. The dishwashers are water-saving and come with three thicks under WELS.

They come as a Standard model and Smart model. They are also freestanding and can be retrofitted to cabinets or used as a standalone unit.

Available on the Samsung Online Store and all major electronics stores.

#2 SHARP award-winning Multi Door Fridges for greater freshness

Latest Sharp fridge

Want to know how to store your food in a way that prevents nutritional loss while maintaining freshness? The latest German IF Design Award winning fridges from SHARP are powered by the brand’s J-Tech Inverter Technology. This allows for precise temperature control. Using 36 cooling steps, it cools faster, minimises noise and reduces energy consumption.

The patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology eliminates up to 99% of airborne bacteria. What’s more, the negative ions refresh the air naturally, without harmful chemicals or scents. To keep food fresh and crisp, the refrigerators come with Moisture Capsule that maintains the ideal humidity in the vegetable storage bins to prevent dehydration and freezer burns. The freezers also have a Deep Freezing feature to prevent nutritional loss by rapidly freezing food; Extra Cool to chill beverages quickly with less energy consumption; and Extra Cool Plus that store ready-to-cook items for a longer time while retaining moisture and texture.

The SJ-VX57PG-BK, SJ-VX57PG-DM and SJ-VX57ES-DS models are available on SHARP’s e-store and selected authorised dealers.

#3 LG Air Purifying Fan for cleaner air

Latest LG air purifier fan

A multiple winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the LG PuriCare™ AeroTower™ Air Purifying Fan is an air purifier and fan in one. The product features the 3-step Filtration System – comprising the Pre-Filter, 360-degree HEPA filter, and Deodorisation Filter – designed to improve the air quality in homes. The AeroTower™ traps large dust particles, captures 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size, and removes odours and airborne chemicals. For added protection, bacteria on the fan blades are reduced up to 99.9% with LG UVnano™ technology.

With its 3-Way Airflow, this product offers customisble comfort. Direct Mode gives a strong, focused breeze, Wide Mode is great for room-wide coverage, and Diffused Mode provides sterilised and allergen-free air. There is up to 140-degree oscillation too, so you can enjoy a good breeze anywhere in the room.

The sleek cylindrical shape of the AeroTower™’s base allows air to be drawn in from all directions, while the upper part features LG’s nature-inspired Air Valley technology, resulting in a powerful yet silent airflow as low as 23dB.  What’s more, the product supports LG ThinQ™ so users can control their appliance remotely.

Available to all authorised retailers and LG official brand stores KrisShop, Lazada and Shopee.

#4 mc.2 solar-powered ZIP blinds

mc.2 solar powered blinds

mc.2 has tapped on Singapore’s ample sunshine to launch its latest innovation – ZIP blinds powered by solar energy. ALTEX Solar blinds harvest energy from sunlight and store them in the battery cells for immediate and later use, reducing energy consumption since it powers itself.

An affordable blind that has been researched and designed in Singapore, it is ideal for both indoors and outdoors and the in-betweens, offering protection from rain, UV rays, strong winds, and insects, while blocking out the sun’s glare.

ALTEX Solar is easily controlled from multiple sources, be that the remote control or mobile. It comes with smart features such as a timer that can be set to allow the blinds to roll down at a certain time every day.

Not to mention, without the need to be powered by unsightly electrical cables, one can enjoy neat-looking blinds that blend nicely into spaces.


#5 Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder

Xiaomi smart pet feeder

Treat your pet to the best. The latest Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder features 24-hour automatic pet feeding. It comes with a unique six-grid dispensing structure, flexible soft silicone food stirrer, and dispensing blades which have been tested to over 10,000 dispensing cycles, ensuring smooth dispensing via a wide channel that effectively prevents blockages.

This smart pet feeder ensures your furry friend will never go hungry. Simply tap to dispense additional food remotely via the app, or set a fixed time and quantity for automatic feeding in the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home app, even when you are away.

The dispenser supports regular 24 hour a day dispensing and sends reminders when food reserves are running low. Designed with a large capacity for prolonged use, it can easily meet the needs of those away from home. Additionally, a triple moisture-proof design ensures that the food is fresh and safe.

Available at Xiaomi authorised stores and partner stores.

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