The all-black BLANCO UNIT is kitchen hotness

Consider this integrated kitchen system for the ultimate cookspace glow-up.

  • The all-black BLANCO UNIT is kitchen hotness

Text by Disa Tan

Black is undisputedly, the colour of every season, and that is perfectly exemplified in the BLANCO UNIT. Comprising a sink, mixer tap and waste management solutions, the UNIT embodies a stunning shade of black to deliver strikingly modern aesthetics or an urban industrial edge.

Blanco unit
ETAGON 6 Black Edition sink

Now with its ETAGON 6 Black Edition sink, all the components such as the high-quality fittings and the incredibly hardwearing Silgranit bowl are seamlessly colour co-ordinated in matte black. The boldly-coloured sink functions beautifully as well. Generous in size, you’ll find that the multi-level sink bowl has an integrated step to fit the ETAGON rails. This placement offers an additional working area to handle wash-ups and food prep duties simultaneously; a must-have for kitchens lacking in countertop space.

Catris S Flexo Blanco

Also in matte black, the BLANCO CATRIS-S FLEXO is a semi-professional mixer tap with classic design lines. It comes with a flexible high-pressure spout and sports a manoeuvrable pull-out spray that cleans large pots, pans or the sink itself easily. Need something cleaned in a flash? Just switch the mode on the dual spray from a stream to a jet spray. The extended hose will glide back smoothly to dock within its magnetic holder.

Select II Orga

Waste management solutions never looked so good, especially with the BLANCO SELECT II 60/2 Orga in sleek black. The wide range of models are made to fit the most common cabinet dimensions, while the drawer space offers flexible bin combinations to suit your waste separation needs. Made of high-quality aluminium and with its generous and smooth surfaces, all parts are a breeze to clean.

All-Black blanco unit

With the BLANCO UNIT serving up dark sophistication together with smooth functionality, it’s bound to make a powerful statement in your kitchen.  


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