A chill-out loft studio

Originally old and tired-looking, this four-room resale flat by OVON has undergone a drastic transformation with a new open-plan layout primed for winding down and entertaining.

  • A chill-out loft studio

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 871sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

Catering to the homeowner’s vision of a spacious and entertaining-ready home, the designers from OVON introduced a studio apartment style for this decades-old resale HDB flat. Their key strategy was to tear down boundary walls in several areas, thereby converting the home into a free-flowing communal space that’s well-suited for working from home and hosting company.

studio apartment

Identifying zones for different functions is essential in open-plan homes. The living area is set up on a platform and features custom storage with display shelves. Of note, the team decked this area in a darker hue to create warmth to define it clearly from the rest of the unit.

studio apartment

Unifying different elements to create cosiness in an open floor plan can be challenging, but the design team has achieved it with a consistent palette of woodgrains and neutrals. With the wall to the master bedroom removed, lattice glass doors have been introduced to close off the space at night. During the day, this design strategy gives the home an airy feel.

The bedroom layout has been reconfigured to accommodate a spacious sleeping area connected to a walk-in wardrobe. Tearing down the walls of the common bedroom also offers more floor area to work with. A glass-enclosed storage unit separates the resting and dressing zones, making the entire room feel even more open.

With ample customised storage for her bag collection and wardrobe, this is a dream space for a fashionista. OVON has also built a vanity area by the window fitted with drawers to keep the space neat and organised.


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