A homeowner’s old flat receives a version 2.0 upgrade

OVON revitalises this 20-year-old flat by overhauling its layout and introducing practical storage solutions.

  • A homeowner’s old flat receives a version 2.0 upgrade

Home Type: 4-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,254sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

Having lived in this 20-year-old HDB unit in Serangoon for about a decade, the homeowner was now looking to make changes to the space. When the owner and her sister purchased the home, it came with the original HDB layout. With just one of them living in the unit now – her sister, who works overseas, and their mother only stay over occasionally – she felt that it was timely to create a space that suited her current needs.

HDB unit foyer

She called upon OVON to reimagine the space. The original HDB layout meant that there were dark areas in the home. So, her brief was to find ways to bring in lots of natural light. The homeowner had also secured the corridor area outside her unit, and aimed to maximise the space.

bike storage

Now a part of her home, the additional area has been converted into a foyer where she can house her plants. This area is also where she makes pottery, so dark grey tiles have been chosen for practical reasons. The design team even customised a storage unit for her foldable bicycle.

transformation of old HDB unit

The designers also removed many non-structural walls and rearranged the space to respond to her current needs. With many walls now removed, they were able to create a bigger living area to accommodate a large custom dining table so that the owner could have guests over. The dining area also doubles up as a work-from-home station.

transformation of old HDB unit

With the design and colour palette kept minimal and light, the living area is a laid-back space. Full-height storage units built flush add to the casual and calm atmosphere.

transformation of old HDB unit

The storage units in the living area were a strategic move to solve the homeowner’s storage needs since the existing storeroom had been removed to carve out more space for the kitchen. This decision made a long and spacious kitchen possible.

green tile backsplash

The glossy zellige tiles and an open shelf bring pops of colour into the otherwise whitewashed kitchen. The display shelf is a home for the pottery pieces that the homeowner makes.

Likewise, open shelves were also introduced further into the kitchen, letting the beauty of the tiles come to the fore. The shelves and countertop provides sufficient space for laundry as well. Notably, the design team had the washing machine elevated, making it easier and more convenient for the owner to use.

white and simple bedroom

To make the best use of the space, the team combined two bedrooms into one. This made it possible for ample wardrobe cabinets to be built along one wall. They also constructed a wall to separate the master bathroom from the sleeping area, with the carved out slits offering a teasing glimpse into the walk-in space.

white and simple bedroom

For convenience, more storage solutions are provided via drawers and a hanging rack for often-used items in this space leading to the bathroom.

The final touch to the bedroom is a bold and solid-looking sliding door into the room. OVON’s design concept not only resolved the issue of dark areas around the home, but also reimagined this old HDB unit as a bright and spacious dwelling with thoughtful ideas and a refreshed layout.

transformation of old HDB unit


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