Jumbo-sized living for a family of six

This Jumbo unit is superbly spacious and well-suited for a multi-generational family of six, and to entertain.

  • Jumbo-sized living for a family of six

Home Type: Jumbo flat

Floor Area: 1,860sqft

Text by Angela Low

“The best design needs to be accompanied with good natural lighting,” says Sam Peh, the interior designer behind this project. That is why tall glass panels, windows and sliding doors are a key feature in this Jumbo unit, particularly in the communal areas. They create a seamless flow between spaces and maintain the flat’s visual openness.

Jumbo flat Aart Boxx Interior

The kitchen in this Jumbo flat is elegantly simple yet makes a striking statement with its enviable features. It is the size of two kitchens combined, giving it enough space to fit an island and a laundry yard that leads to the common bathroom. Its angular layout also stands out, while its floor-to-ceiling glass windows maximises sunlight penetration.

Jumbo flat Aart Boxx Interior

The elevated counter serves as a breakfast bar and is attached to the kitchen island. A regular kitchen cabinet stands at 900mm tall, but a comfortable height for a breakfast bar is about 1050mm, hence the play of heights.

Kitchen counter

In this Jumbo unit, the homeowners get to enjoy an extra-large living room, perfect for hosting guests. To maintain privacy when there’s company, the designer concealed the bedroom entrances with fluted panels, which double as part of a feature wall. A low cabinet also sits behind the sofa, serving as a subtle way to add structure and demarcate the living and dining spaces.

walk-in wardrobe

The designer has created a luxurious walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom with ample space for all of the owners’ clothing and accessories. Strategic placement of mirrors and glass panels make the room feel more spacious and helps to draw light in.

walk-in wardrobe

Out of four bedrooms, two have been combined to create a single, enlarged master bedroom. This space features a tatami-style platform bed, an asymmetrical lighting design, and a hotel-inspired feature wall clad in warm timber panels.

master bedroom

While polished tiles seem more conventionally luxurious, they appear ill-suited to the apartment’s modern contemporary decor. Catering to the homeowners’ love of high-end hotels, the designer used dark grey tiles with a matte, marble-effect design instead to achieve the desired look of luxury in the master bathroom.


With six people living under one roof, it’s no surprise this flat needed to have plenty of storage space. Besides reconfiguring the overall layout to improve the spatial flow, floor-to-ceiling storage units with multifunctional elements were also added.

Aart Boxx Interior

Aart Boxx Living

This article first appeared in Lookbox Living issue 64

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