A space for gathering with a contemporary feel

OVON achieves this by introducing cosy yet spacious areas and well-considered space planning.

  • A space for gathering with a contemporary feel

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,200sqft

Text by Airis Abdullah

Buying a property in a new country you have called home is a milestone. Having settled in Singapore for a decade, a couple from India has also grown their family with two young kids.

Their home, a three-bedroom resale condominium, is a space for the family to put down roots. It is also where they love to connect with their friends by holding gatherings at home. They consulted Raymond Soh and Simon Chin from OVON to design their home.

contemporary design

What was once an apartment with dated bathroom tiles and dark flooring has been transformed into a bright and contemporary home. Spacious with the dining and living area close together, it is perfect for catching up with friends while the young ones have the space to roam and play.

odd shape kitchen

The family cooks often. Therefore, the design team also planned the kitchen to maximise functionality. At the design stage, Raymond and Simon put in extra care by going through their current appliances and even their sauces so that things are within reach. The design team harnessed the atypical kitchen layout, ensuring ample countertop space to provide ease of usage and movement in the kitchen. Decked out in one of the family’s favourite colours, a deep forest green, the kitchen cabinets are fitted with brass handles to complement the black and white tile flooring. 

odd shape dining area

The family also requires plenty of storage space throughout the home, particularly in the kitchen area. The team addressed this by adding a dry pantry storage unit near the dining area for all cutlery and utensils.

contemporary home

Taking centre stage in the dining area is the family’s existing dining set, a natural wood slab table and bench set that matches the brick wall details seen on the television feature wall. An altar, which OVON customised for the family, shares this space. The vibe is polished and contemporary, yet with a touch of comfort and ease.

terrazzo bathroom

Like the dining area, the bathroom also sees the appearance of green but with the accompaniment of other colours. Terrazzo tiles make a splash here, turning it into a lively space that freshens one for the day.  

contemporary bedroom

The bedrooms in this contemporary home are spaces for quiet with customised storage to minimise clutter. A key strategy was to maximise the wall space for the wardrobe and other storage needs while keeping the space clear of accessories.

restful bedroom

For the bedrooms, the parquet flooring is finished with a dark stain to provide a strong and grounding contrast. While almost everything in the home was overhauled, the design team retained the doors and refurbished them to give them a new lease of life.


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