7 awesome wardrobe ideas for your home

Take it from mere side note to a key attraction – these wardrobe ideas for different homes and spaces will get you there!

  • 7 awesome wardrobe ideas for your home

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These days, the wardrobe is no longer just a simple piece of furniture – it can be a star feature or even influence the entire layout of your space. Here we’ve picked a diverse range of wardrobe ideas to fit different types of homes, lifestyles and closet needs.

#1 See through

There are options to tinted glass if you desire a see-through effect for your wardrobe. In this HDB walk-up unit (top image), the designers have use wood and natural materials to give the home a warm ambience with touches of the British India influence. This is also seen in the bedroom, where curved rattan closet doors offer a teasing glimpse of the clothing inside. At the same time, light from the wardrobe filters out to warmly illuminate the room.

Project: Pre-war flat. Design by d’Phenomenal
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#2 Art gallery

This apartment has been designed to look like a brutalist-style art gallery. As shared by the designer, the client has a good eye for unique objects, art and fashion, and aspires to have his own gallery one day.

stainless steel wardrobe

The two bedrooms have been combined to create a large master suite with a walk-in wardrobe. The latter is gallery-like with a single steel bench (Lucas Morten) from where the owner can sit and contemplate his avant-garde fashion collection. Just like art to be admired, the owner wanted to be able to display his Carol Christian Poell clothing. Collaborating with r_r__labs, the designer has conceived of a ‘tree branch’ hanger made from stainless steel, and every effort has been made to ensure it matches the grungy look of the fashion brand.

Project: 2-bedroom condominium. Design by Oblivion Lab
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#3 Two sides in


How’s this for wardrobe ideas? This 2,000-square-foot apartment is home to Cherin Tan, Principal and Creative Director of design studio Laank. Cherin chose to position the walk-in closet at the entrance to the master bedroom, and from the spacious closet are two entryways from which to reach the bedroom/sleeping quarters. The elevated floor serves as storage space. The wall is travertine, displayed on its back side and backlit, and it emits a warm, gentle glow when the light is turned on.

Project: 2-storey walk-up apartment. Design by LAANK

#4 The secret passageway

When Charmian Tian and Jay Chew, the founders of interior design studio Offthebox bought their first home together, they decided to push the creative envelope and design something unusual. The plan involved reconfiguring the space to create new zones that would make sense for their lifestyle and needs. The entrance into the new master suite (formerly bedroom 2) is through a hidden passageway which used to be part of the study and original master bedroom. This long walkway features a study corner, storage and display shelves, as well as a walk-in wardrobe.

Project: 5-room HDB flat. Design by Offthebox
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#5 Subtly hidden

In a conventional setup, the bed is set against a wall. But in this small apartment, the bed has been positioned in the middle of the room in an ‘island concept’, and the wardrobe and storage cabinet placed along the room’s periphery. The reeded glass panel creates clearly defined sleeping and dressing zones, while enabling light to filter through. The wardrobe is a versatile wall-hung system, with shelving and modules that can be moved around easily to suit the homeowners’ needs.

Project: One-bedroom apartment. Design by Craftsmen Studio
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#6 Double-storey indulgence


There’s a lot you can do when your home is blessed with space and high ceilings. For his own home, interior designer and founder of Free Space Intent Raymond Seow created a two-level wardrobe in the master bedroom he shares with his wife. The first level is a private closet space with a dresser, while steps lead up to a dedicated bag closet with glass shelving where the wife can slowly pick out her ‘bag of the day’. They can also be admired from down below.

Project: Three-storey terrace house. Design by Free Space Intent
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#7 In full colour

colourful wardrobe

Why not make the closet space the star of the show by showering it with colour? Complementing the rest of the home, this wardrobe area is unabashedly bold when it comes to colour selection – yet each shade is carefully picked so everything ties in nicely. Fresh green cabinetry brightens this corner space and maroon handles lend pops of colour and a playful character to the piece. Orange colour accents are repeated on different elements and go well with the terrazzo floor.

Project: 4-room HDB flat. Design by Knock Knock Studio
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